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Feather Flags

  • 12 Feet Tall
  • Size: 31" x 144"
  • Printed on 3oz Polyester
  • Optional Indoor/Outdoor Hardware
  • Ready in 4 to 7 Days
Starting at $ 99

Teardrop Flags

  • 1 Feet Tall
  • Size: 41" x 132"
  • Printed on 3oz Polyester
  • Optional Indoor/Outdoor Hardware
  • Ready in 4 to 7 Days
Starting at $ 99

Pole Flags

  • Size: 3' x 5'
  • Printed on 3oz Polyester
  • Optional Hardware
  • Choice Grommet Strip Position
  • Ready in 4 to 7 Days
Starting at $ 59

Custom Printed Flags for All Occasions 

Indoor, outdoor, anywhere you please, flags are a dynamic way to advertise your business, announce an event or celebrate with friends and family. Custom printed feather or teardrop flags featuring a powerful call to action and striking image are an essential addition to your advertising or branding campaign. For small businesses working on a tight budget, feather flags or personalized teardrop flags with a company logo are an economically friendly addition to other traditional forms of print marketing like postcards, flyers and banners. Whether you set it out in front of your store, at the curb or inside, custom printed feather flags offer tons of benefits.

Grab and Go

By far one of the most easy to carry and assemble signage pieces you can find in the marketplace. For this reason, feather and teardrop flags made of 3 oz polyester with a personalized message are the go to item for businesses of every industry. Lightweight and compact, our selection of printed feather flags and teardrop flags comes with a convenient carrying case for traveling to and from locations, best of all assembly takes just minutes. Our line of outdoor signs comes with a spike base for placing in grass or even a large potted plant. Indoor signs arrive with a cross base as well as a water tube to stabilize the flag and keep it from falling over.

For ultimate exposure, you can’t beat the height of these advertising flags. Our customized feather flags measure 12 feet tall, and our teardrop flags measure at 11 feet. When assembled on the pole, each style of flag is about 1.5 to 2 feet shorter than the flag pole.

Durability and Longevity

Like any small to medium size business, you want to invest in products that will have staying power. For instance, an ice cream shop may want a teardrop flag dedicated to the relaxing days of summer that they can use year after year. A real estate firm may want to order multiple feather flags that say “open house” to invite prospective buyers to come in and take a look at what could be their future home. A flag with a message that is not time sensitive and has a general message can be used for ages.

Thanks to the durable fabric of these flags which are made of 3 oz polyester, you definitely get your money’s worth. This tight woven polyester material is made to last and withstand both the indoor and outdoor elements. The dye sublimation process used to produce our custom printed teardrop and feather flags imbeds the ink into the polyester fabric for a truly vibrant and striking effect.

What Is Dye Sublimation?

In short, dye sublimation is a printing process by which images are transferred to materials like fabrics, ceramics, plaques and plastics. Heat is used to transfer the dye to the intended material. An overcoating is applied in a thin layer which protects the vivid printed image from discoloration caused by UV light and the outdoor elements. This overcoating also makes the flags water resistant, so you don’t have to take down your signage on a rainy day.

This process infuses the dyes into the fabric for a permanent, full color and high resolution print. Unlike screen printing, dye sublimation digital printing technology produces a product that will not crack, fade or peel with typical wear and tear. A plus for businesses with a limited advertising budget!

The Best Uses for Flags

You can certainly use a flag anywhere, the main goal is to attract new traffic to your store or event. It is simply another way to draw attention to your goods and services. Most small businesses and event organizers use eye-catching teardrop or feather flags outdoors as a way to flag down drivers and get noticed, but here are some other businesses that implement feather flags into their marketing strategy:

  • Trade shows - Take attendees by storm with flags that WOW and make a statement about who you are and the services you provide.
  • Sporting events - Stadiums use feather or teardrop flags throughout to advertise concession stands, souvenirs and upcoming events.
  • Concerts - Event promoters love to use flags to announce the upcoming concert of a band in order to pack the house and sell tickets well in advance.
  • Festivals - Teardrop flags with a custom design are a great way to increase traffic at your festival and can be seen from a distance.
  • Auto dealerships - Car dealers love to go big and what better way to get a message across about a sale or lease promotion than a string of feather flags along the road.
  • Grand openings - Wave patrons into your establishment with 12 foot high flags in bright hues.
  • Boutiques - For inexpensive signage or to promote an exclusive event, flags featuring your logo can be placed out front or at various spots throughout your store.
  • Restaurants and cafes - Invite guests to dine al fresco with flags that welcome warm weather fun.
  • Real estate sales - For open houses or new construction, flags in either feather or teardrop shape are essential for getting the attention of passing cars and increasing interest.
  • Private parties and celebrations - Whether it’s mom’s retirement party or Jack’s first birthday at the park, flags with an image of the guest of honor or a whimsical saying add a unique touch to the party decorations. They are also great for marking your spot.
  • Fundraisers - Fundraising is all about attracting large numbers to an event in order to raise awareness and money for your charity. Flags custom printed for the occasion are better than banners because they can be placed in various locations days in advance to spread the word.
  • Car washes - Get noticed and signal drivers straight into your car wash with flags advertising special deals.

No matter what the occasion, business or pleasure, customized feather and teardrop flags for indoor and outdoor use help set the tone and send a message. At 4OVER4.COM, we have been committed to evolving with the latest in digital technology and printing trends to give our customers the products they deserve. To learn more about flags, contact a member of our customer service team at 718-932-2700 or reach out to us at support@4over4.com. We look forward to working with you. Thanks for choosing 4OVER4.COM!