Binding Options

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The default binding type at 4OVER4.COM. Pages are first collated and then two staples are stapled into the fold of the booklet, catalog, product guide, annual report, etc. Best recommended for projects of 52 pages or less, dependent upon paper stock.

Side Stitch Binding

Sheets are stapled with one staple on the edge, usually the top left corner. This differs from saddle-stitch binding, where the booklet or catalog is stapled on the fold.

Wire-O Binding

With Wire-O Binding, also known as twin-loop binding, or double o binding, the pages are punched along the side of the print job. The punched pages are inserted onto a "C" shaped spine, made from a flexible wire, and then a wire closer is used to squeeze the spine until it is round. Documents that are bound with wire binding will open completely flat on a desk and allow for 360 degree rotation of bound pages. Suited for inhouse presentations, books, booklets, calendars, spirals, day planners and other small readers.

Plastic Coil Binding

A plastic wire is spiraled through holes punched along the side of the print job. Commonly used for reports, proposals and manuals. Documents bound with coil have the ability to lay flat and can rotate 360 degrees. Also called spiral binding. Available in different color plastic coils.

Perfect Binding

Hot glue adhesive is applied to the outside edge of the pages and then married, or pressed, into the cover. Although the most expensive type of binding, some advantages of perfect binding include a printable spine, longevity, and overall look and visual appeal. After the book is printed, the top, bottom and face are trimmed. Please note that this will result in a book slightly smaller than the dimensions chosen. 4OVER4.COM can do short run perfect binding in quantities from 25 to 1000, in color, or in black and white. Best recommended for projects of 60 pages or greater. Excellent for books, corporate reports, manuals, brochures, and annual reports.

Multiple Binding Options for Your Projects

Looking for a durable way to portray a professional image to existing and potential customers? Planning to hand out branded booklets or catalogs at an upcoming company presentation? 4OVER4.COM's binding options are the best solution for you! Binding does so much more than simply hold a booklet or catalog together. The right binding can enhance the overall look and durability, while making the printed item easier to read.

Five Binding Options

Here at 4OVER4.COM we offer several binding styles, whether you need custom booklets or custom catalogs. Here's a look:

  • Saddle-Stitch Binding: This is the most popular binding type. Folded pages are gathered together and stapled along the center fold. Saddle-stitch binding is appropriate for projects that are 52 pages or less. Before ordering, ensure your design provides enough room to trim the edges so they are uniform.

  • Side Stitch Binding: This type of binding uses a single staple on the edge, usually at the top left corner. Unlike saddle-stitch binding, the pages in a side stitch project aren't folded. This binding option is great for small printed packages of just a few single pages, so readers can flip back and forth quickly and easily.

  • Wire-O Binding: It uses a flexible wire spine inserted through holes along the side. If you want your piece to lay flat when open or you want to give readers the ability to rotate each page 360 degrees, this is the best binding option for you. Perfect for quarterly reviews at local businesses, where sections must be examined separately but presented together in a single booklet.

  • Plastic Coil Binding: Also called spiral binding, this type is often used on reports, proposals, manuals and school notebooks. Similar to wire-o binding, strips of plastic are perfectly coiled through holes on the side of the page. Docs which are bound with coil have the ability to lay flat and can rotate 360 degrees.

  • Perfect Binding: For a clean, sleek look, this is the way to go. Pages are pressed together with hot glue, leaving a flat, square printable binding edge which gives any piece a high-end finish. This binding option, while the most expensive, is also a visually appealing way to bind large projects of 60 pages and more.

How to Select the Right Binding Style

With so many options available, it may seem overwhelming to select the right binding style that meets your business needs to the fullest. Here are some things to take into account before deciding which one works best for your project:

  • Purpose: Owner's manuals or retail catalogs work well with saddle-stitch in addition to perfect binding. Plastic coil and wire-O binding are good options for handbooks, presentation documents, journals, training manuals, calendars and cookbooks.

  • Length of the Project: Some binding styles like saddle-stitch binding work only for shorter projects, while perfect binding is the ideal choice if you want your project to resemble a book.

Set the Tone with the Perfect Binding Option

As mentioned earlier, binding is more than the fastener that holds the pages of a catalog or booklet together. It sets the tone for the entire piece, while instantly enhancing usability! As you can see, with 4OVER4.COM's selection of binding solutions, you can rest assured that you'll most definitely always find the perfect binding style for all your projects.

The binding option you select can impact the functionality and appearance of your printed piece, whether it's a booklet or catalog. To learn more about the many binding styles available at 4OVER4.COM, call 718-932-2700 or email us at Our expert staff is here to help!