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Creature Conserve, Inc.

Animals & Petcare

  • 14019244994Unverified phone number
  • http://creatureconserve.orgUnverified Website
  • 1 - 10
  • 12 Rosedale Ave, Barrington, RI, USA

About Creature Conserve, Inc.

Why We Exist: Wildlife populations are declining around the world because of human impacts. We are all part of this problem, yet too few of us are part of the solution. Now is the time for a more inviting and inclusive approach to wildlife conservation, open to diverse perspectives from the arts, humanities, sciences, traditional ecological knowledge, and beyond.

Mission: We are growing a creative community that combines art with science to cultivate new pathways for wildlife conservation.

Plan: We bring together artists, designers, writers, scientists, traditional knowledge holders, and other experts in a supportive, welcoming space to learn about threats to wildlife, share empathy for animals, exchange ideas, and find opportunities for growth at the intersection of art, science, and conservation.

Our programs include curatorial programs, mentorship, scholarships, and workshops. They take place in person and online. We welcome people at all skill levels, from all backgrounds, and in all countries.