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3D Lenticular

3d Lenticular Business Cards     Free Proofs before you Pay!
3D Lenticular
Paper Type Sizes               Qty
  • 21pt 3D Lenticular
  • 2" x 3.5"
  • 2.125" x 3.375" (Credit Card Size)
  • 2.5" x 2.5" (Social Cards)
  • 100-25,000 Prints
Qty                                 Pricing
100 $ 159.00
250 $ 219.00
500 $ 299.00
1,000 $ 399.00
2,500 $ 769.00
5,000 $ 1,099.00
10,000 $ 1,799.00
15,000 $ 2,499.00
20,000 $ 3,099.00
25,000 $ 3,699.00
Base Pricing Configuration:
2" x 3.5", 21pt 3D Lenticular, 4/0 : 4 Color Front; Blank Back, 2 Flips, Yes, 1/8" radius
For other configurations, customize your product with Instant Price Calculator on right


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Motion Effect

3D Frontside with 2 or 3 Flips
21-point thickness
1/8" or 1/4" Rounded Corners
Follow Prepared Instructions

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3D Lenticular

3D Lenticular is an amazing process that creates images with an illusion of depth and motion. Make your business cards stand out from the rest with our 3D Lenticular business cards. It’s as easy as following our simple step by step instructions.

4over4 takes your images and creates a swapping effect. Just tilt the 3D Lenticular business card up or down and a new image appears. It’s like having multiple business cards all wrapped up in one incredible package. We also offer an optional backside printed in regular 4 color process.

4over4 is the leader in quality printing. Want it done right? Want it done fast? 4over4 is your one stop shopping for all your printing needs.

Have questions, we are always here to help. Call customer support at (718)932-2700 or send us an email

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