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Headshot Printing

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Headshots & Comp Card Printing Services
A comp card (also called composite card, flip card, z card or zed card) is a very effective marketing tool for actors and especially models
The FRONT of a comp card shows the model's headshot with name, and the back has a series of photos featuring the model in various poses and outfits. A mix of full color and black and white photos is also common.
The BACK typically contains the model's statistics and could carry the model's agency logo and contact information. The most common layout for comp cards is to have one image on the front, and 4 images on the back with the latest and best of a model's portfolio.
4OVER4.COM's Headshots and Comp Cards are some of the best in the business, and the best I have ever seen. Great selection of ultra thick papers and unrivaled quality. I was even able to get my headshots done the SAME DAY! With 4OVER4 you are guaranteed to stand out in the crowd.
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- At 4OVER4.COM, we emphasize high quality headshot and comp card prints at super affordable rates, and that's why we are the preferred online print provider to photographers and models nationwide. We offer the highest quality paper and finishes, at the lowest prices on the internet. Compare our prices with other leading headshot and comp card printing services and see the difference.
Great Paper Selection
- As one of the leading online printing providers, 4OVER4.COM offers models, actors and all our customers the finest selection of high quality papers for all their printing needs, including headshots, comp cards, zed cards, business cards, postcards, and more. Quality is our watchword, and we offer a wide range of high quality paper and print options. While most competitors print headshots and model comp cards on thin 10-point cardstock, our standard sheet is a 14-point gloss cardstock, which is nearly 40% thicker. Ultra heavyweight 16-point gloss cardstock is also available, in addition to our exclusive 18-point uncoated cardstock. Never underestimate the importance of the feel and stiffness of your printed headshots and comp cards. Stand out like never before.
Same Day Service
- Based in New York City, 4OVER4.COM understands the importance of "I need it yesterday!" We are a highly automated and efficient online print service provider, and our customers love us for our super fast turnarounds. With 4OVER4.COM, you can get same day service for your Headshot Printing and comp card printing needs. Whatever you need, just let us know and you've got it! It's really that simple with 4OVER4.COM.
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Model Comp Cards
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The 4OVER4.COM Team of print professionals is dedicated to serving you. If you require high quality standards, prompt and efficient service, fast turnarounds, affordable pricing, and great all around printing for all your headshots, comp cards, business cards, posters, postcards, and more, order online or give us a call and you'll be glad you did.
Headshots Gallery
Model Comp Cards

Printing high quality headshots online could be the only thing standing between you and the success you seek. Regardless of whether it's for an upcoming audition, your modeling portfolio, or as part of your business profile or executive CV, your headshot needs to convey a look that is as professional as it is intriguing. is one of the true leaders in the field of online Headshot Printing, offering stunning prints in a wide range of styles, color schemes and sizes. Choose from industry-standard 8" x 10" headshots, or our popular 8.5" x 5.5" comp cards for a concise, modern look.

Online Headshot Printing
It's not until you need a headshot that you can fully grasp what an important and influential tool they truly are. Those tasked with the duty of casting plays, commercials, movies, television and modeling work rely on them as a baseline point of reference, while executives, authors and professionals often use them for industry events, service advertising and local branding. Shoddy printing techniques or poor paper selections can result in lost opportunities, making it vital to work with a printer who understands the process and what it takes to make them perfect.

One of your foremost goals should involve selecting a headshot that perfectly captures your personality and most striking features. To ensure that no costly retakes are required, it can be helpful to honestly evaluate what you'd like to accomplish with your photos. This includes deciding which type of headshot you will need, the number of shots to have printed, who will print them, etc. Here are some other important considerations to review before ordering headshots online.

  • Always work with an experienced photographer with headshot experience
  • Knowledge of Photoshop can correct lighting, blemishes and other imperfections
  • Take numerous shots using various lighting and poses to expand your selection
  • If submitting headshots to an agency, do they require 8" x 10" or comp cards?
  • Which paper type do you prefer? Coated, uncoated or a metallic pearlescent?
  • Will your headshot feature rounded edges, a border, or full-bleed square corners?
  • Have you decided between a 4-color prints or modern black & white headshots?

Auditions Headshots for Theater & Performing Arts
If auditioning is just another part of your daily routine, you already know the value of a professional headshot. There's no mistaking one that captures the essence of your expression, while showcasing your diverse range and unmistakable look. Working actors and artists know that great headshot prints are the result of not only talented photographers, but also skilled printers who can make yours stand out among hundreds.

Performers and talent from every side of the entertainment industry trust for their headshots, and we're confident that you will love our work. We offer a diverse selection of paper types, finishing options, custom edges and borders, in traditional 8" x 10" portraits, as well as the increasingly popular 8.5" x 5.5" comp cards. With super-fast turnaround and prices that are unbeatable for comparable quality, our professional Headshot Printing will help you bring the confidence needed to nail your next audition.

Professional & Executive Headshots
The ways in which executives and business professionals can use headshots is constantly evolving. Once seen as something only utilized by realtors and columnists, today professionally-printed online headshots are popular among everyone from politicians and CEOs, to authors, entrepreneurs and motivational speakers. Select a headshot design that is becoming of your industry and audience, and always work with a printer whose technology and insight matches your own creative vision.

If you’re an executive or public figure in need of headshots as strong-willed as you are, is proud to help contribute to your success. We provide full-size professional headshots, in your choice of full four-color printing or modern-looking black and white. And as with all our headshot options, you can upgrade your prints with specialty papers, high-gloss UV coating or rounded corners. Regardless of which direction you go, you'll have the assurance of superior quality, low minimums and the industry's most advanced printing technology.

Headshots for Modeling Portfolios
Our beautiful world is full of beautiful people working tirelessly to make it in modeling. If your million-dollar look is your most valuable asset, it's imperative that your headshot reflects this. Today, having a nice mix of both standard prints and comp cards is a must-have for any working model. When the photo shoot wraps, working with an experienced online printing service can save you both time and money.

Let take the guesswork and delay out of getting your headshots printed in a professional and expedited manner. We've worked with models at every stage of their career, and proudly offer a diverse range of print styles, finishing enhancements and quantities to meet even the most demanding budget or lifestyle.

Print Professional Headshots Online at
When you need to print headshots that capture your most intricate qualities, makes the process fast, easy and always more affordable. If you're just starting off and on a budget, we offer 25 Standard 8" x 10" headshots printed starting at just $49. For those seeking a more high-end look, go with one of our premium paper options, including 18-point uncoated or our popular 15-point metallic pearlescent.

For more information on our complete selection of Headshot Printing services, call and speak with one of our staff experts at 718-932-2700. We’ll help you in selecting just the right style for your needs, or answer your questions on how to make the best impression for your industry.

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