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Custom Labels

Custom Labels     Free Proofs before you Pay!
Custom Labels
Paper Type Sizes               Qty
  • Uncoated Label
  • Semi-Gloss Label
  • Hi-Gloss Label (Hi-Gloss UV)
  • White Vinyl Permanent
  • White Vinyl Repositionable
  • Clear Cling Label
  • White Cling Label
  • Clear Label Permanent
  • Clear Vinyl Repositionable
  • Fluorescent Red
  • Fluorescent Pink
  • Fluorescent Orange
  • 3" x 5"
  • 3" x 6"
  • 4" x 4"
  • 4" x 6"
  • 5" x 5"
  • 5" x 7"
  • Any Size
  • 25-25,000 Prints
Qty                                 Pricing
25 $ 21.00
50 $ 24.75
100 $ 33.00
150 $ 40.50
200 $ 48.00
250 $ 54.00
300 $ 61.05
400 $ 67.95
500 $ 75.00
600 $ 82.50
700 $ 90.00
800 $ 97.50
900 $ 105.00
1,000 $ 112.50
Base Pricing Configuration:
3" x 5", Uncoated Label, 4/0: 4 Color, No Rounded Corners, Free Online Proof, Not Applicable
For other configurations, customize your product with Instant Price Calculator on right


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Custom Labels

Looking for a professional way to showcase your specialty products just got easier with our line of Custom Labels! Custom label printing is perfect for start up businesses, established brands, rebranding efforts, homemade products and everything in between: simply add a personalized design, select from a myriad of shapes and sizes and enjoy multiple printing paper options to really make your name stand out.

Premium labels printed with your custom designs and logo are ideal for not only your products, but also for promotional purposes. Announce outdoor concerts, school fundraisers and fall festivals with custom printed labels that evoke the mood of your celebration.

Unlike a mere sticker, our labels printed with your personalized artwork are made of over 25 paper types in a myriad of colors and can even be made in custom sizes with optional rounded corners. Just imagine the possibilities!

Want to commemorate a special milestone? Simply choose a favorite photo and create a printed label of the guest of honor to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, graduation or birth.

Our custom label series is also perfect for entrepreneurs developing their own line of skincare products, gourmet foods or environmentally friendly cleaning supplies. The more professional your products appear, the more interest you will receive from shops wanting to sell your goods.

Why use Custom Labels?

Printed Custom Labels offer many uses for both the home and office. Here’s a look at some of the benefits of utilizing personalized label printing over mass produced labels found at the local office supply store.

For your business, nothing compares to label printing custom made with a logo to develop brand awareness. Equally as important as labeling your products, businesses also need to label their packaging. Whether you are an e-business that ships goods around the globe or a storefront that packages gifts, customizing your packaging is a vital part of your advertising efforts.

Simply design your label printing with a company logo, URL and contact information, and place on shopping bags, gift boxes and shipping boxes. Like Amazon with its customized tape, customers will be able to spot your business from a mile away with a combination of unique labels and packaging tape featuring your business.

For merchants that sell small items that are typically shipped in large envelopes, our custom label stickers can be used in place of run of the mill address labels for a more professional look. They are also an affordable method of personalizing presentation folders to be passed out at trade shows and sales meetings.

Add a little something extra to your promotional gift bags with vibrant colored and original labels. Drop them in shopping bags or leave them at the cash register printed with your hashtag to grow your social media following.

For your home, printed Custom Labels in our low minimums make them ideal for decorating party favor bags or boxes. All you need to do is have the image match the theme of your event with a caption that reads “Happy Birthday Gloria” or “Bon Voyage Blake”. In case you didn’t know, photos look exceptionally attractive when printed on our full color labels.

Printed labels can be customized with your name and email address or phone number. Stick them on school books, electronics, guitar cases and any where your heart desires to identify ownership of your belongings. This is also a great tool for teachers who seem to have a million and one text books and supplies.

Give your homemade jams and cookies the props they deserve with Custom Labels. Stick them on jars and tins filled with your goodies and hand them out as holiday gifts or tokens of thanks. Also great for crafting personalized journals, scrapbooks, photo albums and anything under the sun.

What house doesn’t need a little organizing?! Before you pack seasonal belongings away in unmarked boxes or containers, use personalized labels to stick on the outside to help you remember what’s what. Create labels for clothing, winter boots, scarves and mittens as well as summer beach blankets and towels. Also great for organizing tools in your garage.

There is no end to how you can utilize Custom Labels in your home or at your business. These are just a few suggestions, we are certain you will come up with endless uses. These labels tlet you express your individuality and imagination.

For more details on our line of Custom Labels printed in over six popular sizes, call 718-932-2700 and speak to an experienced member of our customer support team. We are also available by email at for your convenience. We look forward to working with you!

Thanks for choosing!

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