Holiday Gifting: Paper Pots

So it’s that time again… think about thoughtful gifts to give to everyone that you care about. This is actually a lot of work, enjoyable work, but work none the less. So here’s a great idea that you can use for all your friends and family this year: Upcycled Nursing Pots with different sprouting plants! As the trend for organic produce is still important today as it was a couple of years ago; giving gifts that will produce fruits, vegetables and spices for years to come is something that is great to receive. In order to create this great gift, you’re going to have to prepare at least 2 weeks ahead, you’ll want to give a nursing pot with at least a baby sprout on it. You can purchase the nursing pots, or make your own for that little special something! To make your own sprouting pots, instead of laying out the liquefied paper on a flat mess, you can create 2 pot-like meshes that fit over each other like a Japanese puzzle. So when the pulp dries, you’ll have several nursing pots ready to go. (Check out our post on making your own paper at home too) So once you’ve got the pots, just pick up several different seeds for fruits, vegetables or herbs. Plop them inside the pot with dirt, and follow the sun specifications on each seed package, and you should see sprouts come up between a week to two weeks. Talk about perfect gifting!