Personalized Buttons
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Personalized Buttons - Effective, Affordable and Fashionable!

Something to say? Looking to build your brand? Trying to draw attention to a cause close to your heart? Put it on vibrant personalized buttons from 4OVER4.COM! Ideal for promoting your business, organization, your candidate or your cause, our custom printed buttons are easy to wear, sell or hand out. They’ll spread your message in a heartbeat!

Hosting a party or event? Want to give it a personal touch? Personalized buttons are exactly what you need! A custom pinback button is a fun and whimsical way to get a message across as well as a unique party favor. Use printed buttons for sales events, trade shows or grand openings. Include them in your customer mailings as promotional gifts. The possibilities are endless!

Suited for both professional and personal needs, our personalized buttons come with locking pin backing or magnetic backing and can be ordered in either round, square, rectangle or diamond shapes. Just pick a shape that truly draws attention to your brand, cause or event. Beautifully designed buttons are kept as memorabilia… Your brand, cause or event will always stay top-of-mind!

Top Benefits

Suitable for any budget, promo items like pinbacks have a huge impact on any business’ marketing efforts. Don’t believe us? According to an Annual Ad Impressions study, 89% of people were able to recall the specific business name printed on promotional buttons. And, 62% of recipients stated doing business with a company after receiving a promo button. Intrigued? We’ve come up with other reasons why you should consider personalized buttons to market your business, brand or event. Take a look:

  • Incredibly effective.
  • Affordable.
  • Fashionable.
  • Profitable.
  • Lightweight.

Tried and Tested Ideas

Promotional buttons are an inexpensive way to communicate with your target audience. Want some help in order to get your creative juices flowing? We’ve got eight tried and tested ideas for using promo buttons. We’re absolutely sure you’ll find something that works for your business!

  • Reward Loyal Customers - Businesses use loyalty programs or frequent-buyer cards to keep their customers engaged. Add a branded pinback button to the rewards. This way, you'll transform regular customers into proudly-pinned brand ambassadors.

  • Reward Investors and Supporters - It takes a lot to get a business up and running so you likely have a network of investors and supporters who’ve helped you . Don’t simply engage your customers, show investors and supporters a little love too… They most certainly deserve it!

  • Promote Product Launches - Trying to get the word out about your new product? Go for one-inch wearable advertisements! Call attention to a new product with cleverly-designed custom printed pinback buttons. These will both strengthen and spread your brand!

  • Launch a New Brand - Launching a new brand? Take advantage of custom pinbacks! This tool brings visibility to your brand. They’re also a budget-friendly way to exhibit your brand and create excitement.

  • Give Them Away at Your Trade Show Booth - At industry conventions and trade shows you won’t attract attendees to your booth without a giveaway. Create some pinback swag highlighting the benefits of your brand. This way, attendees will promote your brand as they walk the show wearing your fashionable buttons.

  • Use Buttons ON Merchandise - Pinbacks are an awesome way to add branding to products that you sell. Not only are they more durable than clothing tags, they also offer a fun freebie for your customer to keep. Just look for something trendy to add to the button design. This way, your customers will add them to their own wardrobe in the future.

  • Exclusive Clubs - Whether you’re a restaurant with a wall of fame featuring your most loyal customers or a retail shop, you can use custom pinback buttons to induct passionate customers into an exclusive, merit-based club.

  • Wear Them - You want your customers to wear your buttons, but are you neglecting your beloved employees and yourself? Buttons are perfect as name tags and for non-verbally getting your brand or sales messages noticed. Order a batch of pinbacks to be used as name tags and another batch advertising your next promo for employees to wear at work.

5 Tips to Design Success

These must-follow design tips will help your personalized buttons be more successful:

  • Less is more when it comes to design.
  • Keep text short and sweet.
  • Use colors that flow.
  • Keep design details to a minimum on small buttons.
  • Be sure to have a full bleed.

Fun Facts

Have you ever asked yourself where and how buttons came into existence? Believe it or not, the early ones weren’t pinned. These fun facts will amaze you!

  • Did You Know the first known promotional buttons were worn back in 1787, according to People Power Press? Worn as a pendant or sewn onto the lapel of a coat, these buttons featured a slogan to promote the British anti-slavery movement. Wow!
  • Did You Know campaign buttons incorporating photography were first used for Abraham Lincoln's presidential campaign in the 1860s, according to People Power Press? These were also worn as a pendant or sewn onto the lapel of a coat.
  • Did You Know Whitehead & Hoag, a preeminent American manufacturer, introduced the pinback and held the patent in 1896? They become the globe’s largest manufacturer of buttons and remained so for years according to People Power Press.

Endless Customization Options

Buttons are a tiny canvas with huge potential. Just design one that’s a stunner and fits your needs perfectly. Whether you're a startup business owner trying to promote your business launch, a parent looking for fun party favors for your child’s birthday party or a nonprofit organization founder trying to spread awareness about your meaningul cause, 4OVER4.COM makes customizing personalized buttons a breeze with our endless customization options listed below:

  • Your artwork is printed on one of our premium papers stocks and secured on a solid metal backing.
  • Two different styles to choose from: pinback buttons with locking pin backing and magnet buttons with magnetic backings.
  • Available in a variety of shapes including circle, rectangle, square and diamond.
  • Over ten popular sizes to choose from.
  • Minimums as low as 50 and as high as 3,000 prints.
  • Striking full color printing on one side.
  • Optional free online proof to ensure your design turns out even better than you imagined.

Fast Delivery

Fast delivery, simple to order… What more could you possibly want? To order personalized buttons, build your order on our Instant Price Calculator and upload your design file. In a hurry? Relax! 4OVER4.COM offers 1 to 5 business day turnaround times. Get your prints even faster by choosing same-day turnaround time! Don't wait until the last minute, upload your design today! It only takes a few minutes to order a custom button, but the result will be a keepsake with lasting appeal.

Ready to place that order? Bear in mind that 4OVER4.COM’s coveted Promo Items feature a broad range of products to choose from. A few of them are featured below:

Buttons Car Magnets Drink Coasters
Size 11 standard sizes 18 standard sizes 3 standard sizes, custom size
Material Buttons 30mil Magnet 48pt UltraWhite Uncoated Cover
64pt UltraWhite Uncoated Cover
Turnarounds 0 to 5 business days 0 to 4 business days 0 to 4 business days
Min and Max quantity 50 to 3,000 2 to 100 10 to 500

Want to promote your new business, cause or event? Consider personalized buttons from 4OVER4.COM! This is an incredibly-effective and inexpensive promotional tool! Order yours today! We’re devoted to providing you with products that’ll have the greatest impact!


We’ve come up with answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding buttons:

1. What button shapes and sizes are possible?

We offer four unique shapes (circle, square, rectangle and diamond) in different sizes.

2. How many different styles of buttons do you offer?

We offer two different styles:

  • Pinback Buttons - The pinback button has a locking pin for fastening to backpacks, clothing, jackets, purses, hats, bags and more. The pin will easily pierce knit or woven materials.

  • Magnet Buttons - This button has a magnet permanently attached to the back. You can post it on your fridge door or just about any metal surface such as filing cabinets, lockers and metal shelves.

3. Is there a limit to how many colors I can add to my button design?

No, there isn't. In fact, you can badd as many colors as your artwork requires. We offer full color printing to make your buttons more striking.

4. What is your minimum order quantity?

Our pinback buttons have a minimum order of 50 prints. Just make your selections on our Instant Price Calculator.

5. How soon will I get my order?

4OVER4.COM has a variety of options that lets you choose what’s best for you. When it comes to buttons, you can choose between same day or 1 to 5 business day turnarounds.

6. Can I see a proof before ordering?

Yes, you can! If you select the free online proof option, you’ll be emailed a link to your proof. Your project will not go to print until you approve it.

Quick Specs:

  • 5 Types Available:
  • Classic Pinback Buttons
  • Coaster Buttons
  • Keychain Buttons
  • Magnet Buttons
  • Mirror Buttons
  • Choose Your Shape: Round, Square, Rectangle, Diamond
  • Low 50 Minimums

Available Paper Types:

  • Buttons


Customer Reviews

Can't be any more effusive than that - they came out just perfect! And of course the tech team was very helpful in the design process.
Great work!
I very much liked the efficiency of the system -- you kept in touch with me about the process, and the support staff were very helpful. A great finished product too!
Very efficient
I use 4over4 for printing promotional buttons for my business. They have always been very efficient and have done a top quality job. I will definitely use this printing firm again and again. I can’t wait to order other promotional tools.
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Can't be any more effusive than that - they came out just perfect! And of course the tech team was very helpful in the design process.
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