What is a brown Kraft Paper: Benefits, and Uses of Kraft in Business

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Kraft Business Cards Printing Online

What is brown kraft paper?

If you’re a business owner looking for ways to boost your brand image or a finer way to package your business card, brown kraft paper is the way to go. It’s made up of a thick quality material that gives your card a polished vintage, natural aesthetic look.
Its thickness, durability, and strength are what make it a desirable and reliable solution for packaging and use in different markets and industries. At 4OVER4, we pride ourselves on producing high-quality custom brown kraft papers for your business cards that will imprint on your prospective clients.
Wondering what is kraft paper? Indulge me as I expound on it, unraveling what kraft paper is used for, its benefits, and its uses in business.

What is kraft paper?

If you’re a curious learner and have never come across a kraft paper, you will curiously ask, “What really is kraft paper?”
Kraft paper mistakenly called out by some as “craft paper” has its origin in German with a man named Carl F. Dahl. In 1879, he invented kraft paper which is a cardboard or paper produced from a wood pulp during the Kraft Process. The name “kraft” in German means “strength” and as the name connotes, it’s designed for product packaging with high demands of durability and strength.
It derived its name from the pulping process which ensures the production of strong papers. Kraft papers are coarse and popularly known for their strength and thickness. Its material is highly elastic and tear-resistant.

What color is kraft color paper?

Wondering what color a kraft paper is? A kraft paper has an earthen color, a mixture of both brown and orange colors.

What is the unbleached color of kraft paper?

The natural or unbleached color of kraft paper is light brown while the bleached color is white. When maximum strength is needed in packaging, natural kraft is the commonly used paper. This light brown color brings a uniquely elegant design to your products.

What is kraft paper made of?

Kraft paper is made using the kraft process which involves the chemical conversion of the wood into wood pulp. Wood is constituted of both cellulose and lignin. As lignin cannot make good quality paper, the lignin is separated from the cellulose through cooking it in sodium hydroxide and sodium sulfide commonly known as “white liquor.”
The cooking separates the lignin from the cellulose leaving the wood pulp and what is commonly referred to as “black liquor.”
After the conversion of the wood chips into pulp, it is screened to remove larger chips then washed to remove residues of the black liquor. The aftermath is a pulp which can then be formed into diverse kraft paper products.
The scraping of lignin from the wood in the kraft process is what produces a stronger paper hence its German name “Kraft”

What is kraft paper used for?

Unbleached kraft paper offers the maximum strength required in packages or items. Its uses are vast including;

  • Its coarse texture, elasticity, and durability offer protection to your products.
  • To boost your brand image. The use of kraft papers for your business cards gives your product a natural look that is more appealing to the consumers. Consumers gain confidence in you as they perceive you as an environmentally conscious person.
  •  For your business, kraft business cards offer a sustainable way to help protect your card as the material is strong and durable.
  •  For wrapping of your gifts. Kraft papers can be customized and easy to bring out your design in a colorful and polished way that gives your gifts a sophisticated polished look. The strength of the paper owing to its low lignin also aids in ensuring the wrapping stays intact and in good condition.
  • Bleached kraft paper is best suited where appearance, strength, and printability are needed for items such as business cards, flour, labels, envelopes, etc.
  • Kraft paper can also be customized to go hand in hand with your brand logo and colors. The beauty of it is that it is not only used to protect your kraft business card but can also be customized to fit the theme or design of your choice.
  •  It is also used as an art canvas, book cover among many others.

What is kraft cardstock?

Kraft cardstock is better known as recycled cardstock is one that resembles the rugged paper used on grocery bags but is more polished and thicker. It has a smooth texture giving you that vintage fibrous look for your cards.
If you’re looking for quality kraft cardstock for your business cards, hangtags, and posters that impresses deeply on your users 4OVER4.COM has got you covered. We have a vast selection of kraft cardstock that gives your products that organic polished professional look.

What is brown paper called?

I know you may be wondering what the difference between brown paper and Kraft paper is. But in reality, they are the same. Brown paper is also referred to as kraft paper.

What is recycled kraft paper?

If you are looking for an eco-friendly economical paper, recycled kraft paper is more suitable in comparison to natural kraft. Kraft paper is organic as it is produced from virgin wood pulp hence recyclable.
Because of its durability, you can recycle kraft paper several times before it wears out.
The process of recycling kraft paper is alike to the recycling of different kinds of paper.  The paper is first collected and then sorted to separate the toxins and impurities from the paper. They are then taken to the mill for the recycling process. Afterward, new paper for use is produced.

What is matte kraft paper?

If you are considering publishing your kraft business cards, their finishing is a key component to their general design. It’s therefore, paramount to consider the kind of finish to use for your kraft business card that will impress your clients and set you apart from your competitors.
There are two major types of finishings on kraft paper, matte and glossy. A matte finishing gives the paper a simple attractive finish with no shine on it while glossy finishing is shiny and colorful.
 Matte kraft paper looks dull and subtle in appearance in converse to the glossy finishing that is colorful and vibrant.
Using matte kraft finishing on your business card gives your card a smooth polished finish and blends well with subdued colors.   
You can apply either matte or glossy finishings on your kraft business card depending on the uniqueness of your brand.

What is VCI paper?

Who would have thought that Kraft paper would stand in the fight against rust? When a kraft paper is combined with VCI (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors) enclosed on metal, it prevents vapor or moisture from coming into contact with the metal hence preventing it from rusting. Prevent your metals and kraft business cards from rusting by ordering your VCI paper today from 4OVER4.

Benefits of Brown Kraft Paper in Business

The use of kraft in your business sets you at an edge against your competitors as consumers generally affiliate with products that are eco-friendly. According to a survey conducted by Consumer sustainability, 72% of consumers have increased their purchase of eco-friendly products and 81% of consumers have panned to purchase such products in the near future.

Some of the benefits of using kraft for your business include:

  • If you’re a small business looking to gain ground in the industry, Kraft business cards serve as a good entry point. Kraft paper is eco-friendly as its product is naturally biodegradable. In a pool of many different businesses, stand out by using kraft business cards and woo your consumers to your brand.
  • It’s affordable. The raw material involved in the manufacturing of Kraft paper is readily available hence cheap. The use of kraft business cards is economical while still offering that elegant look to your brand.
  • Kraft business cards support various printing options such as screen and digital printing and lithography. This helps to boost the visibility of the information you display on the business card.
  • Kraft can be easily customized to suit your brand.
  • Because kraft majorly has an uncoated finishing, it can be handwritten, you add a personal touch on your kraft business card.
  • Its quality is outstanding and protects your business card from wear and tear.

Using our ultra-thick kraft paper available at 4OVER4.COM in either standard or customized size, make a lasting impression of your brand
After production, it creates a natural organic look as it features fiber and flecks. Using kraft paper for your business cards creates an authentic look and is guaranteed to attract consumers as they affiliate your brand as one that offers transparency.
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The Kraft business cards trend is a favorite. Perfectly reflecting today’s trend towards green practices and maintaining a modern rustic appearance, Kraft business cards are a cool fit for entrepreneurs, those in the food industry, florists and craft companies. With its organic look and feel, Kraft business cards evoke nature and wholesome goodness. The Kraft paper business cards do not only reflect your business’ values, but also demonstrates your commitment to the environment. It helps to tell your story in such a cool and authentic way. We make these Kraft business cards using thick 18-point Kraft stock that is 100% recyclable.These Kraft paper business cards can be printed in full color either on one or both sides with the option of 5th color. We guarantee that you will fall in love with these Kraft business cards not only because of our more than two decades, of being the go-to print supplier for professionals who want to make an impact, but also because of their unique environmental appeal. These cards can literally make any event shine, especially if you’re aiming for a natural feel.

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