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Custom Signs - A Proven Way to Drive Foot Traffic

Trying to drive foot traffic? Get your business off the ground with custom signs from 4OVER4.COM! Printing custom signs online allows any business owner to improve their store’s visibility to passersby. Personalized signs make any booth an immediate hit during trade shows, conventions, in addition to other events that require dynamic signage. Our easy-to-set-up signs are the perfect marketing companion!

With so many premium materials to choose from, from 10.4 mil Semi Gloss to 10.4 mil Hi Gloss to 32 # Bright White Uncoated to Matte Canvas to Gloss Canvas to 13oz. Smooth Blockout Vinyl to White Adhesive Backed Vinyl to 10 mil Backlit Film to 7 mil Polypropylene, you have the opportunity to print a sign that fits your needs like a glove. Vinyl sign printing draws customers into your store!

Advertise with ease regardless of industry. Custom signs are effective advertising tools for retail stores. Real estate agents also use attention-grabbing signs to get properties noticed. Adhesive backed vinyl turn unused store window space into eye-catching signs - they transform windows into billboards! 4OVER4.COM’s canvas prints can turn ordinary photos into works of art.

Our versatile signs are great for indoor and outdoor use, as well as for both business and personal use. Whether it’s for promoting a discount, branding, announcing new products or services, promoting a trade show booth ,or for birthdays, graduations, weddings, showers, and parties, custom printed signs will do their job and grab attention. Give them a try!

A Few Benefits to Consider

Sign printing may be old school, but it’s still incredibly-effective. In fact, 68% of U.S. consumers have made a purchase because of a sign that caught their interest according to recent research. Think of your signs as your salespeople! More importantly, one extra on-premise sign results in an increase in annual sales revenue of 4.75%, as stated by BrandonGaille. Imagine how much you could boost your revenue by adding an array of creative signs! Here are a few benefits to consider:

  • Signs generate product and brand awareness.
  • Signs are one of the most cost-effective methods of advertising.
  • Signs deliver your message to a large audience.
  • Signs are a powerful medium for promotions, marketing, advertising and branding.
  • Signs generate traffic and stimulate interest.

Top Businesses that Would Benefit from Signage

Having your own sign is a smart move when running your own business. Here are the top 5 businesses that would benefit from custom signage:

  • Retail Stores - Retail stores are filled with printed signs both inside and out, all of which aid the customer in purchasing something, getting around and informing them of something. These signs are much more influential over consumers than we may think, and 79% of Americans will remember a company based on their sign.

  • Restaurants - When walking into a successful restaurant, it’s very likely that there are signs all over the place. Restaurant signs will highly-differ from those used for retail and will often showcase food and a list of specials. Restaurants will often use striking signs to create an ambiance that'll attract new customers.

  • Bars - Adhesive vinyl in vibrant neo colors can be used at your bar or pub to create a certain atmosphere that attracts customers. Sports clubs, for instance, could use adhesive vinyl featuring a sport related theme in order to enhance the decor. Overall, creative bar signage increases your opportunity to have more customers on a daily basis.

  • Real Estate Agencies - Signs are the must-have solution for real estate agents advertising an open house or a new listing. Being effective, realtors rely on cleverly-designed signs to showcase new properties, attract home buyers and build brand awareness. As this tool has multiple uses, more and more realtors are relying on it to boost business.

  • Auto Repair Shops - Outdoor signs emphasizing the business’ qualifications add a touch of professionalism and dramatically improve how much foot traffic these shops receive. Just try to think about all the high-end mechanic shops you’ve visited. What do they have in common? Compelling and unique signage!

Tips to Sign Effectiveness

Eye-catching signs with vivid graphics, bright colors, a simple design and a clear message will get great results. These four must-follow tips will make your sign stand out among the crowd:

  • Use images and color. The best signs use full-color graphics to catch the reader’s eye.

  • Make it readable. It should be organized in a way that readily conveys its intended message.

  • Keep it legible. Type style selection is pivotal to the effectiveness of a sign.

  • Make it POP! It should incorporate design elements that’ll help the sign stand out conspicuously in the landscape.

Fun Facts

Ever wondered where banners and signs originated? Wonder no more! They’ve been around since ancient times. These facts will amaze you!

  • Did You Know some of the earliest signs were used to denote the membership of a specific group? Early Christians used a sign showcasing a cross in order to denote their religious affiliations, whereas pagan banners featured the sun or the moon.

  • Did You Know the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans were also known to use signage? In ancient Rome, banners were used to announce public events as well as for store fronts.

  • Did You Know English law compelled landlords and innkeepers to exhibit signs in the 14th century? These were intended to make public houses visible to passing inspectors regarding the quality of the ale offered. Wow! Signs have certainly evolved through the ages!

We Put the Creativity in Your Hands

Here at 4OVER4.COM, we put the creativity in your hands. Not only do we let you design your own sign, we also let you customize it to a T with our endless personalization options. Whether you’re a retail store owner trying to successfully promote a sales offer, a business owner looking to lure people to your trade show booth or a parent trying to add a touch of pizzazz to your child’s birthday party decor, make your custom signs your own with the options listed below:

  • Choose from 9 standard sizes. Custom sizes upon request.
  • Printed on an array of materials including, but not limited to, 10.4 mil semi gloss, matte canvas, 13oz smooth blockout vinyl and 10 mil backlit film.
  • Optional grommets on 13oz smooth blockout vinyl for easy installation.
  • Optional 2” white border on matte canvas and gloss canvas.
  • Striking full color printing.
  • Free online proofs to ensure a flawless outcome.
  • No minimum quantity required!
  • The Product of Your Dreams

    Have a special artwork in mind? No worries! We pride ourselves on taking your images and producing the signs of your dreams. Just build your order on our Instant Price Calculator and upload your artwork. When ordering your custom signs online, remember to specify if you’d like a free online proof to ensure you’ll love the finished product. Tight deadline? Select the same-day turnaround option! If you're not in a hurry, order today and select 1 to 2 business day turnarounds. It’s that simple!

    Ready to place your order? First, take a look at the comparison chart featured below. This chart lists 4OVER4.COM’s coveted Sign, Banners & Displays collection. Perhaps you may also be interested in Fabric Banners or 2 Sided Blockout Banners.

    Custom Signs Fabric Banners 2 Sided Blockout Banners
    Size 9 standard sizes, custom sizes From 1' x 1' to 7' x 30' 13 standard sizes
    Material 10.4 mil Semi Gloss
    10.4 mil Hi Gloss
    32 # Bright White Uncoated
    Matte Canvas
    Gloss Canvas
    13oz. Smooth Blockout Vinyl
    White Adhesive Backed Vinyl (permanent)
    White Adhesive Backed Vinyl (removable)
    10 mil Backlit Film
    7 mil Polypropylene - Weatherproof
    5oz Economy Polyester
    9oz Premium Polyester
    15oz. BlackOut Vinyl
    Turnaround Time 0 to 2 business days 1 to 4 business days 1 to 4 business days
    Min and Max Quantity 1 to 100 1 to 100 1 to 20

    Want to transform your store window, sidewalk or trade show booth into a BIG advertisement for your business? Take advantage of custom signs from the experts here at 4OVER4.COM! Order yours today! We’re devoted to creating dynamic signage solutions that truly make an impact.


    We’ve come up with answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding 4OVER4.COM’s custom signs:

    1. What are vinyl signs made out of?

    Vinyl signs are made out of 13oz. smooth blockout vinyl, a.k.a. PVC. Ideal for outdoor use, these signs are designed from the same material billboards are made of and can be easily transported.

    2. What are the standard sizes of your vinyl signs?

    Here at 4OVER4.COM, we let you choose between nine popular sizes. If you don’t see a size that suits you, we also offer custom sized-signs. Simply give us your dimensions.

    3. Are your vinyl signs waterproof?

    Yes they are. Our high-quality signs are both waterproof and weatherproof, so they work great both indoors and outdoors. Mother nature won’t take a toll on them! Generally, the estimated lifespan of these signs is three years.

    4. Do you offer grommets with your signs?

    Yes, we do. We offer them in black, white, silver or brass. Grommets allow you to hang up your signs with ease.

    5. Can I add a border to my sign?

    Yes, you can. If you select matte canvas or gloss canvas, you may add an elegant 2” white border to your printed sign. Simply choose if you’d like your sign to be cut to size or if you’d like it to feature the border.

    6. Can I receive proofs?

    Yes. We want you to absolutely love your signs. That’s why we offer free online proofs.

    7. What’s the ordering process?

    Build your order on our Instant Price Calculator and upload your design file onto our site. Once you do so, one of our skilled staff members will send you a free online proof. Once you give us your approval, your project will go to print.

    Quick Specs:

    • Standard and Custom Sizes
    • Optional Grommets
    • Low Minimums of Just 1
    • Same Day Turnaround Available!

    Available Paper Types:

    • 10mil Semi Gloss
    • 10mil Hi Gloss
    • 32# Bright White Uncoated
    • Matte Canvas
    • Gloss Canvas
    • 13oz. Smooth Blockout Vinyl
    • White Adhesive Backed Vinyl (permanent)
    • White Adhesive Backed Vinyl (removable)
    • 10 mil Backlit Film
    • 7mil Polypropylene - Weatherproof

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    Customer Reviews

    Gorgeous Job
    What a gorgeous job! The large format print could not have turned out any better. The material is fantastic and the quality is perfect. More importantly, 4over4’s team of specialist bent over backwards to help me meet my deadline with my client. Strongly recommended to other graphic designers!
    Great customer service
    I received my order yesterday and I'm really happy with how the large format prints turned out. I'm glad that I decided to work with 4over4 again. They have become my preferred printing company. I’m highly impressed with their attention to detail, great customer service and speed. Strongly recommended!
    Beautiful print
    I ordered a large format print from 4over4 to use it as a background to a photo shoot. It turned out beautifully! Highly recommended!
    Several large prints
    Over the years, I always buy a diversity of large format prints at a time and they are always gorgeous… all of them! 4over4 always does great work. No regrets whatsoever! I would strongly recommended ordering large format prints from 4over4!
    Superior service
    4over4 did a wonderful job with my large format print order, even though I was a first timer. Their customer service reps were informative and knowledgeable. The order turned out exactly how I expected it! Can’t wait to more products! Totally recommended!
    Suberb job
    I ordered large format predesigned banners from 4over4 and am thrilled with the results! They did a superb job! Besides, the service was outstanding and the turnaround time very prompt. Totally recommended!
    Beautiful print
    I have always wanted to have a large format map with a border for my students. It was an odd request, but 4over4 was able to make it work. My students love the new map - it looks great in my classroom.
    Exactly what I wanted
    Even if I ordered 100 large format prints, I got exactly what I wanted in terms of color, quality and turnaround time. I am extremely pleased with 4over4’s print consistency and accuracy. Highly recommended!
    Best experience ever
    I recently placed an order for 2 large format prints with 4over4. This is one of the top customer service experiences I’ve had, from product quality to the competitive price. From now on, I will place all of my orders with 4over4 and I will spread the word in my business and with others. Highly recommended!
    Can't be matched
    As a graphic designer, I have never had such a simple print job. I ordered 20 large format prints for my client’s product launch. I can say that I have found a new home for all my client's printing requirements. I absolutely recommend this company. Their customer service team and product quality can’t be matched!
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    Gorgeous Job

    What a gorgeous job! The large format print could not have turned out any better. The material is fantastic and the quality is perfect. More importantly, 4over4’s team of specialist bent over backwards to help me meet my deadline with my client. Strongly recommended to other graphic designers!
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