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    20 FREE PSD Business Card Templates for Inspiration and More

    20 FREE PSD Business Card Templates for Inspiration and More

    Sometimes you meet an old friend, colleague or potential client in a rush and a business card is your only way to give them the 411 on your business; like your phone number or website.

    Business cards are the fastest and easiest way to give a potential client or partner  your contact information. Even though we live in a digital era, a print business card with an impressive design is still a business favorite to connect with others.


    But the process of making a business card is not always as easy and fast as one would hope. Most of the times you need to hire a good -and possibly pricey-  graphic designer, choose a style that suits your industry and personality and have them printed out. Or if you have the skills to use Photoshop, try a DIY project where the results are not always as good as expected.

    Because we know you're in a hurry (and perhaps under a tight budget), we've compiled some of the best print-ready free business cards templates you could find on the web!  They’re pre- designed and ready for you to fill them with your personal and company info and you can change the colors easily. All templates are in Photoshop format to make the editing process a piece of cake for the PSD-savvy (and the newby as well!).

    For inspiration, guidance or just flat-out time (and money) saving enjoy these 20 Free Business Card Templates

    1. Professional and Simple Business Card

    Free Download free_business_card


    2. Colorful Stripes Business Card

    Free Download



    3. Retro Chalkboard Style Business Card

    Free Download print_ready_business_card

    4. Professional Studio Business Card

    Free Download free_busines_card


    5. Bright and Bold Business Card

    Free Download business_card_free_template


    6. Simple and Elegant Business Card

    Free Download card_template

    7. Dual Color Simple Business Card

    Free Download cool_business_card


    8. Contemporary Business Card

    Free Download business_card_printing


    9. Calendar + Business Card. 2 in 1 Design

    Free Download Business_Card_Printing_Template


    10. Elegant and Sophisticated Black Business Card

    Free Download Template_for_business_card_printing

    11. Pattern Design Business Card

    Free Download



    12. Simple with a Touch of Color Business Card

    Free Download simple_business_card_design


    13. Innovative Photo Business Card

    Free Download business-card-with-photo


    14. Modern Style Business Card

    Free Download


    15.  Powerful Business Card

    Free Download flashy_business_card_for_printing


    16. Highlight Your Logo Business Card

    Free Download business_card_free_design

    17. Big Font Business Card

    Free Download


    18. Professional Business Card

    Free Download


    19. Simple and Stylish Business Card

    Free Download free-business-card-psd-design


    20. Postal Envelope Style Business Card

    Free Download Free_Business_Card_PSD_Template Don't know how to use Photoshop? No problem! Try the Free Business Card Builder at and create print-ready,  Custom Business Cards in minutes! What do you think? Will you be using one of these for your business? Inspired to make your own? Sound off in the comments below or hit us up on your favorite network: Facebook, G+ or Twitter!

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    When thinking about business cards remember it's not just about sharing your contact information but rather it's about creating a lasting impression. So think about the kind of impression you want to leave with your contact. Do you want him/her to see your business as high-end, luxurious, and professional or are you running a business that is known for natural and organic products?

    Whatever you or your business is about, make sure you choose a business card that is right on the money when it comes to being on-brand. Perhaps the UV spot matte black business cards communicate high-end to you and kraft paper business cards are as natural as it can get.

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