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    Available Paper Types:

    • 14pt Gloss Cover
    • 14pt Uncoated Cover (30% PCW)
    • 16pt Gloss Cover
    • 13pt Uncoated Cover (100% PCW)
    • 14pt White Linen
    • 110# Strathmore Bright White Wove
    • 15pt Synthetic Plastic
    • 14pt Cream Uncoated Cover (30% PCW)
    • 15pt Cover, Gloss 1 Side (30% PCW)
    • 18pt Uncoated Cover
    • 18pt Cream Uncoated Cover
    • 15pt Metallic Pearl Ice
    • 15pt Metallic Pearl Champagne
    • 15pt Metallic Pearl Gold
    • 13pt Metallic Pearl Silver
    • 24pt Ultra Thick Gloss Cover
    • 32pt UltraWhite Uncoated Cover
    • 48pt UltraWhite Uncoated Cover
    • 48pt Uncoated w/ Red Center
    • 48pt Uncoated w/ Black Center
    • 64pt UltraWhite Uncoated Cover
    • 80pt UltraWhite Uncoated Cover
    • 40pt Gloss Cover
    • 40pt Gloss Cover w/Red Center
    • 40pt Gloss Cover w/Black Center
    • 56pt Gloss Cover
    • 72pt Gloss Cover
    • 18pt Premium White Linen
    • 18pt Rigid Vinyl (PVC)
    • 17pt Indoor Magnet
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    Reliable printing service

    I am a wedding photographer and have been ordering my business cards from 4over4 now for the past 4 years. The quality and vibrant colors of my cards are such a plus in my line of business. That’s why I choose 4over4 over and over again. Plus, they have very reasonable prices, many paper types available and fair turn-around times.


    Katie P. Jan 12 2017

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    I love 4over4

    I’m not an expert in design, but I want to start putting my ideas to paper. I’ve been printing from business cards, stickers to mugs.I choose 4over4 for all my printing needs because they do a great job in providing excellent quality prints on a budget. Plus, you have many options to choose from!


    Charlie H. Apr 11 2017

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    Unmatched print quality

    Superb printing quality. I tried other printing firms and I got smudges as well as poor paper quality. After ordering 2 sided business cards from 4over4, I can say that, even if they charge a little more, the quality of the prints is unmatched. You get what you pay for. Besides, the website is user friendly. If you have an issue or question, they get back to you right away!


    Bertha C. Apr 12 2017

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    Have you ever been handed your complete business cards and wished that you could just add a little more information? like maybe directions to your business premises, or your full mission statement and promise of great service? You can do all of this, and maybe even more- with professionally made two sided business cards. You know that you can take our advice- we've been in the market for over 20 years after all. So get your pens and paper ready; write down all you need in your business cards, and come have your design realized!
    business cards (2 sided)