Trifold Brochure Guide - 082

  • BY Emma Davis
  • Apr 20, 2011
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Trifold Brochure Guide - 082

Brochures are effective and versatile marketing tools. You can put them in the mail, personally hand them to people, leave them in strategic places and use them in a variety of ways. Tri-folds are the most popular type of brochures for businesses because of their many uses. Custom printing from a professional online printing company will give your business printing a distinctive look, and your brochure printing should be handled with the same attention to detail to maintain a successful image for your business. When planning a tri-fold brochure, you have a great opportunity for using creativity to attract more attention to your business and share your message with others. Most business printing on tri-fold brochures consists of an introduction on the front page, the main text on the three inside panels and testimonials and contact information on the back panels. However, you are not limited to the usual methods of brochure printing. With custom printing, you can create a unique brochure that will stand out from the ordinary. The front panel should have a unique compelling headline that will make people want to open it for more information. You may ask an intriguing question and tell them to look inside to find the answer. You can be innovative and print one design and message horizontally across all three inside panels or use each panel separately for different aspects of your message. A good tri-fold brochure will have a main idea, benefits, an offer and a compelling call to action. You may include graphs and charts if they help convey your message, and some testimonials will add a personal touch. Do not neglect to print your contact information in a conspicuous area so people will not have to search to find it. The back panel that people see when they open the brochure is a good spot to put a coupon or tell about a special offer or incentive. If you have all the information you want on the other panels, you can use the middle back panel to print some helpful tips or cute jokes. Some people may keep your brochure because of the tips and read your message with more attention later. Although a brochure’s design is important, it is equally essential that the printing be done in a professional manner. A beautiful design will lose its effectiveness if it is not presented with high quality paper and printing. Online printing makes it convenient, economical and quick to take care of your business printing needs. A skilled online printing company will use their custom printing experience and knowledge of brochure printing to create tri-folds that you can distribute with pride.

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Cut the long story short and get your point across easily at your next presentation with beautifully printed brochures. Whether you're showcasing your services or educating people about your project, you'll need to look very professional in order to win your audience's confidence. There's a reason why brochures are a staple for any professional worth their salt. We won't stifle your imagination so let it go wild and have the brochures in different sizes and shapes whether standard or custom, trust that we will get it done. If you want something a little fancier you can also go with the high gloss UV option to pair with either gloss, matte/silk, or uncoated text. We have 20 years of experience wowing our clients, and we can wow you too!