Brochure Printing - 127

  • BY Emma Davis
  • May 28, 2011
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Brochure Printing - 127

A general business brochure is basically a company story in brief. When creating a brochure, get the most out of it by including essential information. Having an attention grabbing headline is very important on any printed literature. This headline should be reinforced in the copy that follows and inside the brochure.

It is always a good idea to include photographs, even if the brochure is an inexpensive one color job. Photographs are very useful because they show much more than words can describe. Most brochure printing that includes photographs is done in full color. Color is another simple way to draw attention; it can be subtle or aggressive. They way color is used depends upon the style and tone a business wishes to convey. Business printing is a necessary and good expense that helps a company to grow. Brochure printing is one of the first items a new business will create, after getting business cards. A brochure should include important contact information and details about what services or products the company offers. Illustrations or photographs will reinforce the text material. The flow of the business printing should always lead towards contact information, to increase the chances of getting a response. Using a pre-designed brochure template is a good way to get a professional look for a brochure. Online printing companies like offer many templates for brochure creation. Be sure to test a few out; they are easy to use. Templates present an excellent idea of how a finished brochure will look. Professional artists that are experienced with brochure printing know what layouts are effective. They are knowledgeable about the use of text size and font styles to draw attention to important areas of the printed materials. Style of a brochure is another option. Basic one or two fold brochures are quick and affordable to produce.Custom printing of a more complex piece will be a bit more expensive, but the results can be very pleasing. More complex folded brochures (like tri fold brochures), booklets, brochures with tear-off return cards and self mailers are additional styles that are popular. For economy, be sure to order a large enough quantity of a basic company story brochure to last about a year. An online printing company like will be able to provide complete printing services. Some online printing companies also offer mail-order processing as part of their business printing servicesCustom printing is their specialty; they offer fast turn-around times and speedy delivery.

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Cut the long story short and get your point across easily at your next presentation with beautifully printed brochures. Whether you're showcasing your services or educating people about your project, you'll need to look very professional in order to win your audience's confidence. There's a reason why brochures are a staple for any professional worth their salt. We won't stifle your imagination so let it go wild and have the brochures in different sizes and shapes whether standard or custom, trust that we will get it done. If you want something a little fancier you can also go with the high gloss UV option to pair with either gloss, matte/silk, or uncoated text. We have 20 years of experience wowing our clients, and we can wow you too!