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Outdoor Banners: Increase Your Brand Recognition

Need an affordable way to encourage more walk-in customers to your store? Or perhaps you're looking to enhance the visuals of your storefront or retail business? From trade shows and outdoor festivals to grand openings and speaking engagements, printing vinyl outdoor banners online is a smart and economical way to give your business a powerful boost of visibility.

Choose from an extensive list of popular sizes, or let us know your fully customized dimensions, and we'll make it happen ASAP! There's no minimum starting quantity, so you can order just one banner for a new product reveal, or a maximum or 100 for seasonal promotions to display at all your franchises.

You'll also be able to choose from our 2 highly durable vinyl materials: 13oz. Outdoor Vinyl or 15oz. BlackOut Vinyl. Need grommets to hang your sturdy banners with ease? No problem! Just select it on our Instant Price Calculator when you are customizing your print project.

At 4OVER4.COM, we give you a wide variety of customization options so that you build the print product to suit your exact needs. Along with optional Grommets that can be placed at the corners or every 2 feet, we also offer pole pockets and hems. Choose from 19 standard sizes or give us the custom measurements of your choice. Our customized outdoor banners start at 2'x4' and go up to 8'x20'.

Banner Design Tipsr

Check out these nifty tips and tricks to make the best use of your new high quality, durable and eye-catching banners. With these, you can maximize your brand awareness and create marketing campaigns that provide you with powerful results.

Before you get to banner printing, there's a few elements to keep in mind design-wise. For example:

  • Font Type: Use a clean font that can be read from afar.
  • Color Palette: Choose amicable ‘easy to read' colors.
  • Copy: Go for short and sweet - concise information is key to getting your point across.

It's very important to think about the intended banner location when planning your design. For example, make sure your colors are bold because they need to be read from afar. Another critical step: think of the audience you are trying to reach. It's not just about creating a catchy design, you want one that will turn the heads of your target audience and get them curious to learn more.

Lastly, always add a call to action (CTA). Like a seasonal sale, an invitation to follow you on social media, a website for further information, or your latest product or service. An effective tactic that always works is announcing 25% OFF storewide. Once all the basics are covered, it is time to get your banner ready to print.

Indoor Banner Vs. Outdoor Banner

The location of your banner signs is pivotal when deciding whether you need indoor or outdoor varieties. Our outdoor signs are constructed to stand up to UV light and the outdoor elements. These durable banners will retain their quality and color vibrancy regardless of rain, wind or snow. Choose from 13oz outdoor vinyl or 15oz blackout vinyl. Blackout vinyl is a great choice when placing custom banners in front of storefront windows that get a lot of direct sunlight.

Whether you are choosing outdoor or indoor, we provide you with an extensive list of size options. Custom sizes are available with both varieties, so that you achieve the look and outcome you are after. For business or personal occasions, personalized banners are ideal for both advertising and celebrating life's momentous occasions.

An Origin of Tradition, Family and Honor

The word "banner" was originally linked to the cloth of which flags were made and where different slogans, logos or shields were sewn. Coat of arms were typically displayed on banners, signaling the alliance of different armies or envoys to a certain family or kingdom. The word "banner" is derived from the French "bannière" and the Latin "badum".

In ancient Rome, banners were used as "Vexillums", military standards held by units in the Roman Army. Vexillum comes from the term "Velum", which referred to ships' flags, further backing this word's roots on military allegiances.

Today, we still use banners as a way to communicate allegiance, whether to sports teams, NGOs or other social and community activities or competitions.

Vinyl: A Pivotal Invention

The fabrication of these tools and other assets in the marketing and communication industries has changed significantly since the introduction of vinyl as a new and cheaper way of mass printing. As usual, the invention and discovery of vinyl came about by accident by German chemist Eugen Baumann in 1872. It was successfully introduced into the market by American aerospace manufacturing company Goodrich Corporation, under the talent of Alabama born inventor Waldo Semon.

Since then, vinyl material has been a go-to option for manufacturers looking for a durable, good quality yet inexpensive way of introducing products to wider audiences.

Outdoor Banner 2-sided Blockout Banner Indoor Banner Feather Flags
Min. Starting Price $89 $99 $25 $99
Min. Quantity 1 1 1 1
Available Hardware Options Yes Yes Yes Yes


- What's the difference between Outdoor Banners and Indoor Banners?

- Among other things, the most important difference lays in its weather resistance and durability.

- Do I HAVE to use one of the standard sizes you offer?

- Not at all! You can speak to a member of our customer service team and give them your custom dimensions.

- Can I get some hardware with these banners?

- Of course you can, choose between Grommets and Pole Pockets.

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Important Artwork Notice!

Please Note: On January 1, 2018 FedEx and UPS changed their oversized fees. As a result, all banners over 89" (7'5") on their shortest side will be folded and shipped in a square box. All banners 89" (7'5") and under on their shortest side will be rolled and shipped in standard corrugated boxes and/or tubes.

Quick Specs:

  • Premium UV Resistant Outdoor Vinyl
  • From 2' x 4' to Super Sized 16’ x 150’
  • Standard & Custom Sizes
  • Grommets & Welded Hems Optional
  • Pole Pockets Optional

Available Paper Types:

  • 13oz. Outdoor Vinyl
  • 15oz. BlackOut Vinyl

The chart below is broken down by various common sizes, and recommended scales and their resolutions. The numbers throughout these guidelines are not required, but simply meant to serve as a helping hand for when you are setting up various sized artwork in relation to the size you will be printing. If your size falls in between any of the sizes listed, please use the specs for the smaller of the two sizes.

PRINT SIZE Scale Size of Scale Resolution File size
12" x 12" inches - 1' x 1' foot 1/1 12" x 12" 300 dpi 49.4 mb
18" x 12" inches - 1.5' x 1' foot 1/1 18" x 12" 300 dpi 74.2 mb
24" x 12" inches - 2' x 1' foot 1/1 24" x 12" 300 dpi 98.2 mb
24" x 18" inches - 2' x 1.5' foot 1/1 24" x 18" 300 dpi 148.3 mb
36" x 24" inches - 3' x 2' foot 1/1 36" x 24" 300 dpi 296.6 mb
48" x 24" inches - 4' x 2' foot 1/1 48' x 24' 300 dpi 395.5 mb
48" x 36" inches - 4' x 3' foot 1/1 48' x 36' 276 dpi 502.1 mb
96" x 48" inches - 8' x 4' foot 1/1 96" x 48" 169 dpi 502 mb
120" x 60" inches - 10' x 5' foot 1/1 120" x 60" 135 dpi 500.6 mb
192" x 96" inches - 16' x 8' foot 1/1 192" x 96" 85 dpi 508 mb
240" x 60" inches - 20' x 5' foot 1/2 120" x 30" 192 dpi 506.3 mb
240" x 120" inches - 20' x 10' foot 1/2 120' x 60' 136 dpi 508 mb
288" x 96" inches - 24' x 8' foot 1/2 144" x 48" 138 dpi 502.1 mb
360" x 120" inches - 30' x 10' foot 1/2 180" x 60" 112 dpi 516.8 mb
600" x 120" inches - 50' x 10' foot 1/4 150" x 30" 172 dpi 507.8 mb
1200" x 192" inches - 100' x 16' foot 1/4 150" x 24" 192 dpi 506.3 mb


Customer Reviews

it was definitely A WINNER everyone loved it thanks on a job well done
I loved the fact that the steps to the perfect canvas were so simple it is a great product for the price.
A Professional Company
Excellent communication and wonderful end product! Thank you
Thick outdoor banner
I’ve been using a thick banner with a stronger construction for more than 7 months! Thanks 4over4. Much better than I expected considering its cheap price. For windy places, I recommend you choose premium resistant outdoor vinyl. My banner will last more than a year outdoors!
top quality and very good price
Last week, we ordered an outdoor banner from 4over4 with pole pockets. It’s actually better than I expected- unparalleled vinyl quality and best price we’ve found. our designer produced the design and 4over4 staff adjusted the colors so it would look even better. He produced a high quality banner!
High quality products
I ordered an 8’ x 20’ outdoor banner made of blackout vinyl so that everyone can see my store’s promotion. And, I can say that the combination of customer service and quality products provided by 4over4, have, once again, solidified it as my preferred printing company. I have also encouraged my associates to choose them.
Competitive prices
Really good prices! Working with 4over4 is amazing.They provide weather-resistant materials at affordable prices.Quick response times to whatever question we had. Our banner as done way faster than any other competitor we’ve used in the past.
Durable outdoor banner
Purchased on a Monday delivered on a thursday without any imperfections. Thank you 4over4! This product has been displayed for more than 5 months now and still looks like if we’ve bought it yesterday.
perfect outdoor banner
My outdoor banner turned out beautiful! It was great working with 4over4. Their staff responds very quickly and are willing to solve any doubt. Quick turnaround time- same day to 3 days. If the size you want is not available in their price calculator, you can custom any size. Best rates in NY!
Excellent banner
A friend suggested 4over4 to me when I needed a large banner for my car wash business. Within 3 days I received a high quality banner, welded hems and grommets. The turn around time was amazing! I’ve bought more than 5 banners now and all have been just perfect!
Better than expected
I was looking for a way to get more foot traffic to my store, so I order a large outdoor banner to grab my potential customer's attention. It worked perfectly! These banners are printed on 13 OZ vinyl, so I do not have to worry when it rains or snows anymore. 4over4 exceeded my expectations!
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it was definitely A WINNER everyone loved it thanks on a job well done

I loved the fact that the steps to the perfect canvas were so simple it is a great product for the price.
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