Tips to Apply Window Clings Effectively

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Window Clings are attractive, residue-free, self-adhesive images that help you direct traffic, advertise and brand better. Use these tips to apply them correctly.
window cling application

If you have recently walked by a commercial district or mall, there is a chance you have seen beautiful displays created with window clings. They are a very practical resource for business decorations and branding efforts, because all elements are coordinated by a graphic design and the clings are easy to install. However practical, the correct installation is a key factor for the print product to succeed. Which is why we gathered these simple tips for you to apply window clings effectively.

window cling application
Image Credit: Corey Monteiro on Behance

Clean the Surface Thoroughly

Remember the adhesive side of your opaque window cling needs to be applied over a clean and even surface. Oily substances could lower the adhesive quality and have a negative effect over the product’s performance. It is also important to make sure the window is smooth and free from previous print product residues. Otherwise, the design could be distorted and the end results won’t be as expected.

Mark the Position

Before removing the back film of your cling, use masking tape to mark the exact spot where the window cling application process should begin. Even though window clings are removable, you want to avoid damaging it, so apply carefully. Take your time to measure the space and make some marks to help you out.

Check the Product First

Window cling printing is easy, but you need to check the end result as any other custom format. Look for spelling, color and any visible mistakes. Prior to printing, you should double check that the design and content is just what you need. But even if there was a printing mistake, it is easier to fix the problem before setting it up. More so if the product dimensions are large and require careful handling.

Get the Necessary Tools in Advance

Applying a static window cling does not require any out of the ordinary tool. All you need is a window cleaner, a water spray bottle, masking tape, a squeegee (or similar artifact) and paper towels. The window cleaner will get the surface ready and spraying some water will help the adhesive work better. Masking tape is recommended because it’s easy to peel out without causing any damage on the cling. If you don’t have a squeegee available, try a credit card or similar product. The paper towels will help you fix the cling and remove any air bubbles.

Ask for Help

The set up process will be easier when at least two people are involved. Remember that window clings would typically go from 16”X20” to 40”X60”, not to mention the custom sizes. Larger clings will require more help. You need at least someone to hold the cling in place while the other person takes the back film off. It is better to be prepared with an extra set of hands and eyes, who can tell you how it looks from afar and spot any potential inconvenience.

Set Some Time For It

This particular recommendation goes beyond the handling aspect. Window cling application is easy and fast, but you need to make sure to take the time to avoid any mistakes due to mishandling. Choose a time of day with low traffic, so there will be no interruptions.

Window clings are versatile marketing techniques, ideal for any kind of local promotion, regardless of the business size. You can use them for seasonal discounts, store decorations, new arrivals, creative window displays, ambient advertising, signage and teaser campaigns.

Visit our window clings section and start planning your next promotional item! Great results come from the creative use of customizable products.


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