Boost Christmas Sales With Attractive Window Clings

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Window clings are the easiest way to update a window or store front. They're easy to place and remove. Use them to boost sales this holiday.

Window clings have become an increasingly popular marketing tool, and for good reason: they convey messages effectively with attractive set ups -the message is that you’re open for business and have really cool stuff that they want to get their hands on, or that you’re supporting a worthwhile charity this year. Window graphics are an excellent way to communicate with your customers and a convenient solution, as they are very easy to install and remove. Best of all, they are cost-effective.

Image Credit: Tatertos and Jello on Pinterest

Why Window Clings?

  • Easy to place.
  • Can be re-positioned.
  • Remove easily without residue or surface damage.
  • Can change the look of a store with a simple yet effective design.
  • Cheaper than actual or more elaborate decorations.
  • As effective as billboards where passersby are concerned.
  • Can promote sales, causes, seasonal spirit, intrigue potential shoppers, be interactive and more.

If your goal is to promote sales, spread the word about your business, reinforce your brand identity, decorate your business or command customers’ attention; Consider window clings as a powerful advertising tool. The point here is that window clings can be used for multiple purposes.

For example, window clings are a great way to get your customers in the spirit of the upcoming holiday. As Christmas is around the corner, holiday window clings can encourage customers to prepare for Christmas sales, get them in a festive mood and walk into your store.

Don’t let Christmas go unnoticed. Instead, take advantage of the holidays to show your customers you appreciate them, offer them exclusive discounts and enhance brand awareness using window clings.

Window clings from are available in custom sizes and we have no minimum order requirements, just start with one if you like. As our window clings are for indoor use only, we offer opaque static cling and gloss finish, which allow window clings to be better appreciated. Lure your clients in with eye-catching window clings.

To make the most out of your window display and window clings bear in mind that:

  • Purpose is The Starting Point. As mentioned above, window clings can serve different purposes. The first step is to determine your core purpose. Are you offering last minute holiday deals? Are you rewarding your Facebook fans? With that in mind, write your ideas on paper to design and place strategically your window cling to get the desired results.
  • First Impressions are 94% Design-Related (as stated by a recent study). A successful window cling starts with a great design. As the adage goes, ¨ a picture is worth a thousand words¨ so you use an attractive one. The size of your design should be in accordance with the space available. Full-color designs may be a great choice to grab your customers’ attention. Use vibrant seasonal colors; however, do not oversaturate your design.
  • Pretend You Are Your Own Client put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Get to know your audience as well as your business; it’s key to succeed in today’s competitive market. Effective window clings attract customers into your store, but only if they are engaging. Additionally, add traditional Christmas ornaments such as Christmas trees, Santa Claus, or reindeers but give them a twist in the design. After all, what makes you unique is the concept you create.
  • Emulate Companies That Use Window Clings. For example, Macy’s has created highly successful window displays such as ¨ The Wish Factory¨ and ¨ Believe¨ campaign. Every year, Macy’s launches exceptional Christmas advertising campaigns. People stare at Macy’s Christmas window clings and feel they are ready for the holidays. Take note and plan your own marketing strategy in a cost-effective way.
  • Include a Clear Call To Action. Tell them to walk in, snap a photo, use a hashtag, download content.

Revolutionize your Christmas marketing campaign with window clings, which are an excellent method to capitalize on your window space. When designing your window clings, try implementing the tips we outlined above to meet satisfactory results. Visit our window clings section to make your order now. This Christmas, window clings can be your greatest allies in boosting your sales!


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