When to Use Personalized Puzzles for Marketing Purposes

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4over4.com Puzzles

Original and innovative, personalized puzzles are the most unusual and interesting pieces to add to your existing marketing strategy. Since they are interactive promotional pieces, branded puzzles keep your audience focused and entertained while being subtly exposed to your logo with every use.

How can you use a personalized puzzle to bring out the best your business has to offer? We’ve come up with a shortlist of situations when it is appropriate to use personalized or branded puzzles to boost your business. Check them out:

 Perfect Substitute to Business Cards

Instead of giving potential clients ordinary business cards, why not a small branded puzzle? Your potential clients will be absolutely intrigued! Thanks to this unconventional business card, you will be portrayed as a competitive and inventive company that thinks outside the box. Make sure to include your logo to increase brand awareness as well as all relevant company information.

Alternative to Draw-On Paper Placemats

At family-oriented restaurants, personalized puzzles are an amazing alternative to draw-on paper placemats. If you provide children with colorful puzzles, they will be entertained, parents will enjoy the top-notch customer service and they will be back in no time! There is a wide array of gorgeous puzzles available online, check out this sports jigsaw puzzle with cool images:


Kids will love it and parents will enthusiastically recommend your place… Sooner or later you will be one of the top family-friendly restaurants in the area!


Use branded puzzles at an anniversary or seasonal sale extravaganza where games are part of the marketing strategy. Whoever completes the puzzle first wins products, special discounts, etc. This is great for both children and adults.

Great Branded Holiday Gifts

Most companies send holiday gifts to clients each year. Thank your customers with unique personalized puzzles for a long lasting impression. You can make puzzles of lovely seasonal images printed with a heartfelt message. Way more interesting than your typical holiday card.

Engage Your Top Clients

Thank your top clients for their continued business and loyalty to your company by using personalized puzzles instead of boring emails. Since customers will be delighted with these fun items, you will be one step ahead of your competitors. Make sure to include your logo and attention-grabbing images of new products to provide your valued customers with a relaxing break, while you increase brand recognition.

Use Branded Puzzles as Wall Art

Instead of using conventional artwork to decorate your office, why not stylish branded puzzles? If you want your office decor to be unique, use customized puzzles featuring your products throughout your space. There are many websites that offer tips for displaying jigsaw puzzles. We found a step-by-step guide to easily display jigsaw puzzles on your wall. It is really helpful. Check it out:


Employee Gifts

Companies sometimes fail to appreciate and reward their most valuable assets: employees. We all need a break from our hectic work schedules and deadlines – fun puzzles can give employees the distraction they need to recharge and boost their creativity. Each time you show appreciation with one-of-a-kind gifts, employee loyalty is enhanced; making for a stronger, more committed workforce.

Personalized puzzles are memorable promotional products that clients will use for years to come. Order custom printed puzzles today! What are you waiting for?



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