The Ultimate Guide to Bottle Neck Hang Tag Design

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Bottle neck hang tags are a popular marketing tool that effectively grab people’s attention, setting your products apart from the competition. They’re absolutely perfect for providing additional product information, an instant coupon, contest promos, recipes, helpful tips, and a QR code linking to your homepage, just to name a few.

With a gorgeous bottle neck hang tag, your bottle will stand out from the crowd and get the attention it deserves. Not only for wine, bottle neck hang tags can be used on any item. Nowadays, bottle neck hang tags can be found on items such as shampoo bottles, medicine bottles, gourmet sauces, and olive oil.

The purpose of bottle neck hang tags is to decorate your bottle with useful information or a special promotion to help boost sales. You just have to creatively add an effective marketing message, and your bottle will be noticed from a distance; potential customers will be intrigued and cash registers will start ringing.

So, what information can you put on your hang tag? Just about anything! As we said before, you can add a branding message, a coupon, promotion or even some recipes or useful tips. Think about your target market and their special needs, likes or requirements, and then use that on your hang tag and start taking advantage of this great marketing tool.

Bottle neck hang tags are a wonderful call to action- they’re crucial marketing strategy. Since they reinforce your brand dramatically by communicating who you are to your consumers, they grab their immediate attention and compel them to take action.

So what´s the science behind making powerful bottle neck hang tags that will turn heads in no time and boost sales? We’ve come up with the ultimate guide to bottle neck hang tag design. Here’s a look:

Eye-Catching Product Image

The first thing your customer is going to see is the product image. Make sure to include eye-catching images of your product, so it can really grab customers’ attention and get them to the check-out line.

Include Relevant Information

Your bottle neck hang tag must be informative, telling customers what they need to know and do in order for them to take action. Consider including product benefits, features and your company’s contact information. Add a motivational quote or a funny, witty message. Remember that your goal is to set yourself apart and intrigue customers with your unique merchandise.

Consider Paper Type

Depending on your bottle neck hang tag design, strategy and style, you must decide which paper you’d like to choose: 14-pont uncoated, 16 point coated and 18-point coated one size.

Color Contrast

Bottle neck hang tags come with a white background to let your product image and information standout.  Use rich colors that pop, so you can be noticed from afar.

Consider Paper Finish

Bottle neck hang tags are available in Spot UV, High Gloss UV coating and standard finish. There are so many options out there to give your bottle neck hang tags that special and final touch in order to create a sophisticated and memorable piece!  You can choose from our standard options, or you can even go with an amazing wonderfoil for a competitive advantage of having multiple colors of foil on the same design to truly grab the consumer’s attention!

Bottle neck hang tags have become a vital part of a business’s printing and marketing strategy, we hope this ultimate guide gives you the tools you need to create a winning campaign, and  improve your brand awareness.  Order bottle neck hang tags today!


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