How Printing Response Cards Elevates Personal & Business Affairs

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RSVP means “répondez, s’il vous plaît,” a French phrase which stands for “please reply.” The person or organization sending the invitation would like to know if you will be attending the event or not. Etiquette rules require that if you receive a formal, written invitation to any event, no matter the type, you must send a written reply promptly. Even more important is having the courtesy of responding to someone who was kind enough to invite you.

Setting the tone for any personal or business event, the invitation is the first point of communication with guests, guiding them as to what to expect from your event and even what to wear. The sophistication of RSVP cards elevates any affair. Stylish RSVP cards are a quick and easy way for your guests to confirm their attendance. Whether you prefer whimsical, modern, classic, romantic or vintage, printing response cards are sure to elevate any personal or business affair such as a bridal shower, retirement celebration, Christmas party, black tie event  or wedding. You just need to order unique response cards designed with elegance and personalize them with your preferred wording.

Check out this “love birds” RSVP card and complete wedding invitation suite:


by Molly Cichy

If you heart purple, this ones for you:


by Emily Sutton

For the fun loving couple, check out this adorable wedding suite from Italy:


by Stefano Cattaneo

As you can see, even if response cards or RSVPs have been partly replaced by e-vites and online confirmation forms, printed response cards add elegance and sophistication to any event, whether for personal or corporate purposes. With such inexpensive and even free alternatives available online, the time invested alone shows that the event merits attention. There’s an added, perceived value to the experience that comes from the print quality and presentation of the card.

Are you planning an event and want to class it up? Keep this in mind before you order stylish response cards  in order to gather RSVP responses from your guests more effectively:

  •         Personalize your response cards with the date you would like to have them returned.
  •         Personalize your response cards with space for guests to mark their attendance status and/or number of adults, number of children.
  •         Add a stamp to the RSVP card envelope and add them to your custom invitation suite.
  •         Set the date for return to two weeks prior to the event, so you can have the opportunity of compiling a complete guest list prior to the big day.
  •         Mark the back of each response card with a number that corresponds to each guest. If guests fail to write their names in the name line, you can easily find out which guest the card belongs to.

Above all, remember to design response cards that complement your invitation and evoke the mood of the celebration. We hope these tips help you create unique RSVP cards.  


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