Change of Address Postcards: What to Do When You Change Locations

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Moving locations? Here's what need to include and how to design for an effective change of address postcard that takes current and new business with you.

If you are an enterprising business owner, chances are you will probably move from one location to another within your career. Whether you have a home based business and your company requires more space, or you simply found a better spot to help run your business more effectively, changing your address should be seen as an opportunity to get new customers without losing your existing ones.

The decision was made: you’re moving to a better space – Congratulations! Now you have to let everyone know about it. We’ve got you covered: on and offline. Online: add a pop-up, put it on your homepage, change your contact icon’s color temporarily, announce it on social media and send a mass email.


In the real world, you have many options: put up a yard sign with one of our rigid signs (we offer four types of rigid signs: coroplast, PVC rigid plastic, foam core and aluminum signs), or put it on the window with large, yet attractive white window clings. Get your mail forwarded and order some change of address postcards to mail out with a treat (like a coupon to be used at your next location)!

So, where to begin? Here are some key points you should consider to help make the moving process smoother and less stressful:

Design a Change of Address Postcard

Since communication is a critical aspect to build successful business relationships and maintain loyal customers, you need to inform customers about any significant change in your business. When it comes to relocating to a new space, it is important to make a moving announcement before you change locations.


So, how can you spread the word in a cost-effective way? By designing a new address postcard. A simple, yet attractive postcard can immediately grab your customer’s attention, and guarantee that they remember that you have changed your address. Your customers will feel even more valued if you explain the reason for the move.

How to Choose a Postcard for Moving Announcement?

We offer a number of choices that adapt to your printing needs. Creating a postcard is not just a matter of editing a nice-looking template. Design, paper type, size, shape, color and finish can make or break your campaign. So, below we’ve featured some great postcard options to help you choose wisely:

  •    Oversized Postcards: A bigger postcard not only draws your customer’s attention to your marketing material, it also makes it easier for your customers to identify your message. Using an oversized postcard can get you noticed and stand out against other promos or announcements. Our oversized postcards come in any custom size with optional high gloss UV coating.
  •    Fold Over Postcards: Keeping in touch when you move from one place to another is important in both your professional and personal life. A folded postcard is ideal to make the message much more memorable. A moving announcement should be taken as good news in order to keep your customers loyal to your brand.
  •    Die Cut Postcards: Die-cut shapes are instant attention-grabbers, so get creative to ensure your customers go ahead and read your postcard. Our die-cut postcards can be customized in a range of different shapes, simply use your imagination.
  •    Standard Postcards: If you are a direct, straightforward person, go with a standard postcard including a map on the back. The goal is that your existing and potential customers are aware of your new address while increasing brand awareness. If you are still unsure which format to choose, check out all the postcards we offer by clicking on postcard printing.

3 Tips to Consider When designing a New Address Card

  1. Incorporate a map or picture of the new building.  No matter what type of business you run, it’s a good idea to include a location map, so that your customers can visualize your new place. No matter where you are relocating to, include a picture of your team at the new office to humanize your brand or a collage of images that can be found in that neighborhood or city.
  2. Add key details about your move. Not only is it key to inform customers that you’re moving to a new office, it is also fundamental to add new contact numbers or specify that your information will remain the same. Do not clutter your cards with a lot of text; only include basic details about the move. Make sure you answer these three questions: why, where and when are you going to move?
  3. Stick to your brand identity. Effective new address cards show consistency in branding; otherwise, your customers can mistake your business for another. That’s why it is vital to include your business logo, corporate colors and a personalized touch that differentiates you from the rest. For better results, include a promotion or a coupon for those customers who visit your new location.

Designing a new address postcard is the best way to inform your customers that “we’ve changed our location”. Try to come up with a postcard that leaves a memorable impression on the recipient’s mind. What makes a great  new address card? 


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