Make the Perfect Pitch With Sales Presentation Boxes

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Take over the board room and impress potential clients, providers and partners with memorable sales presentation boxes designed to stand out and make your project's literature more interesting and organized, printed on superior quality material to take your pitch to the next level.



presentation box7
Image Credit: Mat Bogust

Presentation boxes or sales presentation boxes are little-used business tools designed to pack and present materials, literature and/or samples. The advantage of these boxes is that they elevate product pitches and business introductions by taking the contents to another level of professionalism and sophistication  they are called presentation boxes because they usually hold booklets, CDs or flash drives, catalogs, brochures and samples to “present” and submit for consideration.

They can be used in a myriad of businesses, even outside the corporate world (where they tend to be more popular). Considering that good packaging can be highly influential in the decision to purchase a product, it is key to combine packaging and a clever advertising campaign -in this case a sales pitch-  to get successful results.

Packaging isn’t merely functional; it doesn’t just serve shipping and handling purposes, they get you ahead of the competition: impressive designs and styles of branded presentation boxes can help differentiate your products from others and spread the word about your business in an innovative way. That ¨wow¨ factor that can engage potential customers!

Bottomline, presentation boxes are great for:

  • Protection: Fragile objects like ceramics require physical protection. Packaging can hold items securely ensuring the product’s integrity. A box can protect a product against liquids, dust, etc. More importantly, your contents will be kept clean, fresh and safe.
  • Marketing: an elegant look can do more than impress and provide credibility, it can encourage clients to make a purchase. 41% of people actually say “it’s important” as a purchase factor 1
  • Information: they’re great to display your company’s name and logo giving insight into your brand and a way to recognize your name easily.
  • Convenience: they facilitate distribution, handling, opening and even recycling.

If you want to design a visually striking presentation box to build or improve your brand’s reputation. Get inspired by this collection of lovely presentation boxes custom made to different projects:

Remember that if you’re not ready for such a high-end approach traditional custom printed presentation boxes (like these) will go a long way!

1.- This is certainly an authentic packaging design. It displays professionalism and attention to detail in an original way. The suit jacket opens up and the shirt pocket is carefully designed to hold a business card (take a look at image 2).  By Evangelina Biza on Behance.


2.- This is certainly an authentic packaging design. It displays professionalism and attention to detail in an original way. The suit jacket opens up and the shirt pocket is carefully designed to hold a business card (take a look at image 2).

presentation box
Image Credit: Mat Bogust
Image Credit: Mat Bogust

3.- Presentation box for business stationery. If you are considering accessories for your office, these may be the perfect touch to add a hint of class to your business. The geometry theme is playful and creates and interesting aesthetic contrast. Project by Bunch.

printing presentation boxes
Credit Image: Bunch

 4.-A project designed for millenials and young adults to share audio in a tangible way. It portrays a refined design with numerous details all of outstanding quality. The color palette goes well with vintage and modern theme. Extraordinary design by Kael Little.

branded presentation box
Credit Image: Kael Little

5.-This chocolate packaging has diverse colors to differentiate chocolate percentages. The brown box infers that the chocolate is so delicious that it has already been tasted. A combination of embossing, die cutting and engraving finishes was applied. By Vasily Kassab

Image Credit: Mat Bogust
Image Credit: Vasily Kasaab

5.- This printed presentation box is used as a marketing strategy to create a powerful personal brand that can open the doors to new business opportunities and potential clients. It is customer-focused as it provides plenty of useful information. By Mat Bogust.

6.- The idea of this children’s packaging box is brilliant and engaging. When the upper cover is opened, it reveals triangular teeth and a pink silk ‘ tongue’. These sales presentation boxes were produced for a Swedish department store. By Lowe Brindfors.

Credit Image:   Lowe Brindfors
Credit Image: Lowe Brindfors

7.- These series of colored boxes were designed for a paper promotion. They are die-cut. Die cutting provides a striking combination of colors in contrast with the papers placed in the box.

Credit Image: Fedrigoni Sirio Color

8.-The product is premium messenger bags. The goal of using presentation boxes was to connect the customer with an elegant package to personalize and refine the product’s style with details like the string that ensures the bag is appropriately enclosed.

Image Credit: Incase


Branded and custom printed presentation boxes are influential advertising tools as they can give your business an added value. Keep in mind that a well-thought-out design can attract your audience’s attention.

We hope you use this collection as inspiration for your next project. For custom orders or further information, visit our sales presentation boxes section. Feel free to share your thoughts about this collection. If you want to show off your project, contact us and we will feature your design!

1.Only 11% of consumers ‘completely satisfied’ with packaging. Source.


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