Increasing Brand Awareness With Product Packaging

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Product packaging goes beyond boxing and printed promotional items to an experience that results in brand awareness.

There is a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ that comes with beautiful wrapping that makes the experience of opening gifts more exciting, as opposed to just being handed a store-bought item. That build-up and excitement adds to how rewarding the experience itself is. That is exactly what happens with product packaging -consumers get to feel the titillating sensations of gift opening.

Large companies allocate plenty of human and financial resources to the task of promoting a product. Parallel to product packaging, they design a series of print and digital tactics to get customers’ attention. Small to medium businesses however, may not have the same available budget, but they can also design cost-effective products to stand out from close competitors. Using creativity, anything from a custom shaped sticker to a sophisticated wine label can help you accomplish your brand awareness goals.


The Art of Product Packaging

Some people make the mistake of thinking about product packages for mere shipping and handling purposes. While it is extremely important to preserve a product and protect its integrity, there is a lot of marketing involved in successful packaging. For instance, whether the color you choose can be spotted from afar, how readable the label is, or which feelings the product evokes.

Here are some packaging essentials to consider and how additional printed items could help you boost brand awareness:

  • Quality Material

True, you expect your customers to like your product and make repeat purchases because of its performance. But, there is a chance a potential buyer may get the wrong  idea because of a cheap looking package. The best way to choose an appropriate material is to take a look at what your strongest competitors are doing. The idea is not to copy them, but to evaluate what consumers would expect to find.

You can be innovative and differentiate from the rest, but remember not to go too far from the range, otherwise you’d risk not being recognized as a suitable alternative.

We’ve found our bottle neck hang tags to be very popular among those looking to improve their beverage packaging. The promotional tags grab potential buyers’ eyes and they can be kept long after the beverage is consumed -they’ve been quite successful as part of game-based marketing.

Other widely used products include our custom mugs, t-shirts, tote bags, and magnets. They all have similar objectives in common: remind consumers of your brand and increase the exposure range to wherever they decide to bring the items.

  • Color and Logo Display

A study published by the European Journal of Scientific Research shows how vivid colors and descriptive pictures have a positive impact on customers’ moods. An eye catching package is a competitive advantage for any kind of product.

Having said that, you need to analyze which kind of feelings you are trying to evoke. Use earthy colors for organic and natural products, and a vibrant palette for fun or energizing ones.

Visit our blog post about ‘The Psychology of Successful Packaging Design’ for more details about color packaging

If you decide to order some items for giveaways, try to make them consistent with product use and design. Using the same color will help customers associate your brand with the promotional item. Don’t forget to include your unaltered logo in every printed piece you order. Posters, postcards, business cards, and banners should all be variations of the main design. The overall goal of any campaign is to make customers remember a product, not necessarily the campaign itself.

  • Consider Your Target Audience

Put yourself in your clients’ shoes. What would they like to buy? And more importantly, what would they respond to visually? A young audience would probably be interested in a cool design or something they can show off. Try including a fun giveaway with every purchase, such as a branded tote bag or a sticker.

A more mature audience could be more attracted to something they can reuse. Go for a calendar or a beautiful cube box. The key is to know your target, offer what they want, and offer it where you know they can be found. Use every available opportunity to personalize your products. If not by name, at least by interests. Custom print options give you 100% creative control over the final product, so you can design a collectible set or several versions to extend your customer reach.


Thinking Outside the Box

Printed promotional items come in many sizes and shapes. You can find a suitable product for all ages, genders, interests, and tastes. What will set you apart is how creative and appealing that item is to your demographics.

  • Don’t be afraid to try new things, as long as there is a good plan behind and they can do something for your brand.
  • Don’t stick to your sales location, distribute your promotional items around places your audience would visit. Promoting in unexpected places could bring unexpected buyers.

If you are looking for some ideas, visit our online catalog and start creating your new promotional items.


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