The Advantages of Peel and Seal Envelopes for Marketing

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Peel and seal envelopes are little known tools designed to make your life easier; they require no moistening. Find out how to use them for powerful marketing efforts that yield results you can measure.

We sometimes make the mistake of thinking that sending blank envelopes for business purposes is an old-fashion way to reach customers. In fact, as revealed in the annual report made by Epsilon, Americans would generally rather receive marketing information from brands via postal mail than over the Internet or by email.  

direct mail campaign
Image courtesy of Epsilon .com

Peal and seal envelopes are a little-thought-of marketing weapon for those mailing efforts; they’re envelopes that come with a self-adhesive area that’s revealed when a strip  is peeled off and removed. They require no moistening and are far more secure option to traditional envelopes.

The report by Epsilon, confirms something we already know a little too well: receiving too many emails every day has overwhelmed us. To avoid overburdening customers with advertising, you can incorporate a direct marketing campaign by using peel and seal blank envelopes.

Customers will appreciate receiving information in a personal and direct way, you avoid overloading them through one channel, you build a professional brand and overall gain a positive image for your business.

As for your marketing efforts, direct mail campaigns can be extremely powerful for business: a 2014 study by the DMA (Direct Marketing Association) indicated that “response rates for direct mail targeting an existing customer base averages 3.4%, compared to 0.12% for email”.


The Benefits of Peel and Seal Envelopes for Marketing:

Easy to remove strip. Strong adhesive. Pressure into position.

Reach your clients effectively with a direct marketing campaign

“Digital communication vehicles continue to develop and progress around us but are not completely eclipsing traditional avenues of communication,” said Jean Wiskowski, vice president, sales strategies, Prudential Group Insurance.

Diversification is the key to evolutionary survival, focusing on print marketing campaigns or emailing campaigns alone will not yield the best results for companies today. It’s imperative to combine both. That said, it is clearly easier to massively mail thousands of email recipients from the comfort of your home or office. Peal and Seal envelopes take away the uncomfortable hassle of personally moistening envelopes to close them, thereby making the process easier and faster to complete -even if your target’s 4 or more figures.

Get better results by mailing out your business information

According to a campaign made by Jhon Shulte, president and chairman of the National Mail Order Association, you can get a whopping 20% response rate with carefully crafted direct mailing campaigns.  Customers said they opened the letter because it was hand addressed.

If you are considering the envelopes as a great resource, take a look at our cheap envelopes to mail out your business catalogs, invitations, brochures, and photographs to your target audience; this strategy have turned out to drive better results like greater response rates and increased sales.

Look more professional

Implementing direct marketing as one of your strategies to stimulate brand recognition and responsiveness can prove your commitment to your business and your clients’ interests. In the long run, you will probably get more responses that you expected and you will start to create a positive professional image.

Keep in mind that blank envelopes are ideal for massive mailing campaigns and that they have the timeless advantage of being ready for quick customization at a moment’s notice.

Save time with blank envelopes and the peel and seal feature

Simply fold the documents or marketing material in the envelopes and seal them. Save time and money with blank envelopes that you can either hand address for particular efforts or customize with address labels. The peel and seal feature ensures content protection and secure delivery, they’re quick and easy to seal and are convenient for large mailing campaigns.

Blank envelopes are convenient especially if you have a large organization. In some cases, high prices are a barrier to add value to your business offers envelopes at such low prices that they compete and one-up the leading office supplies retailers in the USA.

Start your own direct mailing campaign today, browse our catalog of print marketing products for ideas and take advantage of the peel and seal envelopes we carry.


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