10 Ways to Promote Your Business on a Budget

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If there's one universal rule that drives all business owners, it is the need to stay visible and relevant in the eyes of those you wish to do business with. Here are 10 Ways Promote Your Business on a Budget.

If there’s one universal rule that drives all business owners, it is the need to stay visible and relevant in the eyes of those you wish to do business with.  For those who do not have access to multi-million dollar advertising budgets, this can be increasingly challenging.  What is the most affordable way to advertise my services?  How much should I spend on marketing?  What sort of response can I expect?  So many questions.  Let’s take a look at ten affordable and efficacious ways to promote your company. It is possible to promote your business on a budget.



We may be living in a digital age, but there is simply no limit to the uses and effectiveness of a clean, engaging and well-designed brochure.  They serve as a convenient and concise way to deliver a generous amount of information in limited spaces, and are ideal for showcasing your products, services, staff bios, company history and many other aspects of your organization.  Some of the most popular brochures include trifolds, half-folds, Z-folds, gate folds and booklets.

Business Cards

Whether it’s making a quick pitch for your services, keeping in touch with colleagues old and new, or keeping things formal at a first meeting, that simple card says more about you than you might imagine.  That said, why go with common -boring- ones?  Today’s business card buffet is teeming with features that include silk laminated business cards, die cut cards, metallic foil cards, folded cards (these are especially note-worthy), spot UV cards and much more.

Vehicle Magnets

There are companies who spend tens of thousands on sign advertising each month, and you can do something very similar for a sliver of the cost.  Vehicle magnets are an extremely cost effective way to promote your brand while en route to jobs or appointments, running errands, or even when strategically parked.  They can be created using your own designs, or via templates that display your company name, slogan, contact information, etc.

Door Hangers

Most businesses and entrepreneurs are shocked to learn how affordable a door hanger campaign can be.  For the cost of printing, some simple design time, and a few bucks for the neighborhood kids to pass them out, you can tailor an effective consumer or business promotion for under a few hundred dollars.  These can be especially effective for home service companies, and any others serving the consumer market.

Line Cards

In much the same manner of effectiveness as the brochure, line cards are ideal for providing your prospects with a snapshot of featured services, products or company strengths.  They can be displayed on counters, in literature racks, and are more commonly being included in packaging materials and shipments.


Professionally-printed business stationery looks light-years more impressive than letterhead and envelopes printed at home on your trusty inkjet and it’s a sound investment for any new venture.  Be sure to keep things simple and clean, limiting design elements to logo, company name and core contact information.  Use colors that reflect your logo and industry if applicable.


Think about what notepads get used for in business; think of all of those things we need to do and buy and reorder on what seems like an infinite basis.  They are one of the most frequently-used items in any office, and though their lifespan can be relatively short, they are still a powerful and visible marketing tool.  Fortunately for those on limited budgets, they’re also quite economical.

Yard Signs

If you’ve ever wondered why Realtors use yard signs, it’s simple: people see them everywhere and every day.  If you own or manage a residential service, they can be a great way to subtly inform neighbors and locals of the nature and quality of your work.  They’re also very popular with politicians, public officials and those running for state or local government offices.

Sales Sheets

Not quite a line card or postcard, not exactly a brochure, the sales sheet provides an affordable and unique opportunity to thoroughly describe your products and services.  They’ve been used for decades by businesses of every stripe and continue to be popular among manufacturers, retail stores, service contractors and many other industries.


Custom business posters work on a number of levels.  If you have a storefront operation, they’re great for promoting sales and special programs.  If not, you can have them designed for clients and prospects to display in their own locations.  If you’re going to squeeze a promotional plug in there, be as modest as you can.  Someone on the other end will be inspecting it, and things could go south if they suspect you’ve made it more about you than them.



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