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The Advantages of Staggered Cut Flyers for Universities and Schools

Posted on: Nov 07,14

Staggered cut flyers are a great solution when there is a lot of content to share. As it happens, sometimes the product or service offer is just too wide to fit in a single piece, which is when the layered format comes in handy.

It is very common to find in staggered flyers university and school counters, providing users with a faster way to access the most relevant information for their case. However, its use is not limited to marketing practices. It can also be of great help for academic purposes and as a means of internal communications.

One of the reasons for staggered cut flyers to work is that they help you distribute your content wisely and capture the reader’s attention  easily. While you should still aim to be  concise and keep it relevant, it’s not always possible to cut data out so the smartly sized flyers let you offer key pieces of information in sections with visual cues that will appeal to the target audience and facilitate instruction.

Here are 5 examples where staggered flyers would be the perfect choice for an educational provider.

staggered flyer

Image Credit: Tom Bamforth Behance



Promote Numerous Academic Offers

Regardless of an institution’s size, chances are there is more than one academic option to promote. Using staggered cut flyers, you can create promotional materials by area of study. That way, you can share important information and make people aware of similar options to their first choice, additional credit courses, related short-term supportive courses, on campus group studies and more.

Present them in nice folders and consider giving away some related “swag”. For instance, take a look at our eye-catching tote bags, which you can fill with other branded items students would be interested in or find useful, such as a memory sticks or notepads.


Create Effective Study Material

Color-code study guides for students. Assigning a color to each content section from the proposed syllabus with a bulleted list of authors and books or theories that will be discussed throughout the term.

It will help students make a visual association and remember things faster. It’s really all about designing an effective study method.  You can adapt it to any subject and level, put it in a presentation folder and even include a CD or flash drive with additional material. These premium study or syllabus guides can also be a source of revenue for a small fee.


Collect Research Data Efficiently

Researchers spend lots of time designing suitable questionnaires to gather the data they need. However, the delivery method is just as important. Academic researchers can use staggered cut flyers to put together a questionnaire kit that will make the process easier for anyone gathering the information.

Include questionnaires, instructions, delivery method details and a business card for further contact with the research organizer. That way, the person collecting the data has all the tools to do so according to the researcher’s needs. Plus, it will look more professional and help respondents trust the academic initiative. 


Improve Internal Communications

Updating employees on company policies helps build a stronger team. It also applies for educational providers’ staff or student associations. Sending a staggered cut flyer pack could be a creative way to keep all departments informed of the school developments, current policies, regulations and news.

It would be particularly useful for large schools where keeping everyone on the same page is key for the institution’s performance. Additionally, it can be sent out to the parents, sponsors, committee members and partner organizations as a regular source of information. Use them for PR purposes and to provide an elegant quarterly report on progress, events, etc. 


Standardize an Enrollment Pack

Once a student has been accepted into a school, part of the welcoming procedure is to send them a pack with all necessary information. Or at least it should be, so that they would have the tools to start off on the right foot. Staggered cut flyers can do just that, because you can include student service information, an enrolment form, a contact sheet, student coupons and school norms, all in one package. It would not only be useful to students, but it would also help your staff make sure there is no missing information because every student receives the same exact pack.

The best part? You can update sections individually so resources can be spared when updates or changes in policy are necessaries.

academic staggered flyers

Image Credit: Myrz Zrym on Behance

As you may have realized by now, the point of this versatile product is to allow you to share more information at once. The advantage is that it is presented in an organized and easy to follow format, without overwhelming users with excessive information.

Our staggered cut flyers can be ordered from 3 to 8 sheets, giving you full control over the way you want to organize the content. Plus, there are other customizable features to help you design the most suitable print product for your strategy. For example, a variety of papers, from regular uncoated to synthetic plastic, one or both sides color printing and high gloss UV coating for a premium effect.

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