7 Tips to Design Attention-Grabbing Floor Graphics

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Grab people's attention on the go with hard-to-miss Floor Graphics that guide traffic, promote your brand and get you noticed fast. Find out how.

Effective advertising can be one of the best investments you can make to get people to notice your business, but only if you can really grab their attention.

People are constantly bombarded with thousands of ads and marketing messages every day. According to a report by Yankelovich’s Research, we see a between 3,000 to 20,000 ads every day, including everytime we pass by a label in a grocery store, the ads in our mailbox whether we see them or not, wearables, etc.

In such a competitive market space, finding new and clever ways to advertise are necessary; most of the ads become noise, since we can’t process them all. The floor is at times a missed opportunity to attract attention (just look at that great ad by the  Saatchi & Saatchi, Jakarta agency below); therefore, floor graphics are a great way to stop customers in their tracks and capture their attention for a few seconds or more to direct them towards a store, a section thereof, a promotion, influence on site behavior, etc.

Image Credit: Saatchi & Saatchi Ad Agency, Jakarta

Here are some useful tips to design attention-grabbing floor graphics:


1. Select High Traffic Areas for Placement

Location, Location, Location. Floor graphics should be placed in high traffic floor areas to ensure maximum visibility, think of passer bys as “impressions”, if you’re familiar with online advertising, you know that every time a user gets exposed to your ad you get an impression, but that doesn’t mean you’re closer to selling -you need to peak their interest once you got their attention.

Choose a location depending on the purpose of your ad or campaign (opening announcement, sale, location of a product, hashtag promotion). Floor Ads don’t necessarily have to be placed near a store or work only for brick-and-mortar providers, if you want to promote a cause or a website, targeting locations where the audience spends time is, can be highly effective – especially in a culture where most people walk around with their heads bowed, looking at their phones or listening to music.

2. Stand Out Creatively

Innovative floor graphics are a powerful advertising tool, go for custom shapes, vibrant colors and short, but clever, copy to maximize the impact of each “impression”.

3. Keep it Short and Sweet

Keep the message simple and direct, depending on the purpose of your floor decal. Think of the size of the graphic, the location and the purpose before you decide on the copy, in general imperatives or questions that require immediate action are best, consider them short headlines.

4. Use Contrasting Colors

Use contrasting colors in your design to emphasise the part of the message that requires all of the prospect’s attention. Contrast colors in your design with those found in the environment where your floor design will be placed, as well to ensure maximum impact. It’s a good idea to take into account the color and type of the floor, beforehand.

5. Decide on One Goal at a Time

For better results, decide on one goal and metric to promote and track. By concentrating on one, you improve chances of success.

  • Expectation Campaigns: If you’re launching a product or announcing a store opening, consider expectation campaigns -launching a series of floor graphic ads slowly revealing the end goal, curiosity will get the best of your prospects and make your brand more memorable.
  • Direct Traffic: if you’re directing traffic place arrows or directions (turn right/Mouthwatering Cupcakes Ahead/etc.),
  • Organize the Store or Warehouse: if you’re organizing in-store sections, use them as labels.
  • Get Instant Response: if you want people to stop and do something (like look up or take a funny picture) use the graphics as a place to stand on and complete that action.
  • Track Campaigns: Add a hashtag, code, QR code, etc. when applicable to track how many people interact with your ad.


6. Make High Quality Your Best Ally

Select a floor graphic with high quality materials. The best choice will be one that provides a protective wear and slip-resistant layer. Quality can be measured through durability, choose an option that will stand the test of time for the duration of your campaign.

Additionally, if you need your floor graphic for a seasonal holiday promotion, you may consider easy removability as a key factor. High-quality resolution and rich color reproduction allows you to create extraordinary floor graphics that make a lasting impression on customers.

7. Design 2D or 3D floor graphics

Focus on the eye-catching key visual and strong supporting elements. 2D and 3D floor graphics attract more attention because customers are positively surprised and they appreciate a unique product presentation. 2D and 3D floor graphics tend to be more attractive and appealing than traditional, flat, floor graphics, but the design should really fit the marketing goal.

Bear in mind that the surface where the floor graphic will be placed, should be clean and free from cracks. The surface to which the graphic is applied should be clean, flat, free from chemical contaminants and stable.

The above-mentioned tips will help you design an attention-grabbing floor graphic ad as a marketing strategy. Found it useful? We appreciate you share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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