10 Ways to Use Custom Printed Floor Graphics

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Heard of floor graphics and not sure how to use them? There are multiple creative and functional uses for these attractive and wear-resistant, track-stoppers, we'll start you off with 10.

Floor graphics are the perfect way to create a one-of-a-kind, attention-grabbing advertisement.  They provide business owners with a relatively affordable way to promote their brand while being unique and fun. When people are walking, it is natural to look down. Therefore, when a shopper’s eye catches something unusual on the floor, they will look right at what they are stepping on, giving your business the exposure it desires.

Floor graphics are designed using an adhesive backed, removable vinyl with a protective laminate that allows for longevity and durability. A standard floor graphic should last about 6 months, depending on environment and traffic. Some over laminates offer a lot more anti-slip properties than others. Ask a 4OVER4 representative about our options if you are interested in ordering floor graphics.

Credit: Visualise for Kraft Cadbury, via Encyclomedia Networks, Ireland. http://ow.ly/WMJbr
Credit: Visualise for Kraft Cadbury, via Encyclomedia Networks, Ireland. http://ow.ly/WMJbr

Since floor graphics have a wide array of applications, from shopping malls to corporate offices, to help you make the best out of this useful tool we’ve come up with a simple list of strategies and ideas that use floor graphics for any given purpose. Take a look:

  1. Increase Social Media Interactions

Connect with your audience on and offline asking people to snap a photo of their shoes on top of or next to your floor graphic. You can also ask them to take a selfie in a designated spot  in your store. Tell them to upload and use a hashtag. Add a prize as an incentive.

  1. Organize Your Stockroom

To properly organize your warehouse, facility or stockroom, you can easily use customized floor graphics to create clearly marked sections. Being relatively inexpensive and very durable, floor graphics work well in high traffic areas like warehouses and storage spaces. Featuring an extra anti slip lamination, they withstand standard conditions.

  1. Drive Foot Traffic

Do you want to drive potential customers into your new restaurant or retail store? Just place floor graphics in your neighborhood, near your location as if you were guiding them on a treasure hunt. They’ll be intrigued!

  1. Increase Brand Awareness

The repetition of certain types of products that you want your store to be known for increases brand awareness. If you want to be the go-to store the next time a shopper needs a particular item, you must get him or her to connect the product with your establishment. Floor graphics placed at the entrance alert the customer to the availability of a particular brand.

  1. Decorate the Dance Floor at a Wedding

For something absolutely unique, decorate the dance floor at a wedding with floor graphics featuring the new couple’s monogram. This also works at other venues including, but not limited to, bridal showers, baby showers and bar mitzvahs. As you can see, the possibilities are endless.

  1. Promote Your Online Business

Use floor graphics to promote your online business on sidewalks, at malls or other public spaces to help increase visibility. Find the perfect location to place an intriguing floor graphic. Additionally, add your URL, people will visit just out of curiosity.

  1. Increase Christmas Sales

Floor graphics are perfect for any company’s Christmas marketing events. Festive, eye-catching floor graphics can persuade potential customers to walk straight for the featured product and make a purchase. Your cash registers will be ringing!

  1. For Events (in more than one way!)

Floor graphics are also an awesome choice for events as they help give directions, directing traffic towards restrooms, parking lots, photo booths, fire extinguishers, just to name a few.  Besides, they’re a great way to keep things organized without going over budget. Sporting events like basketball games are also great venues to use floor graphics on the court featuring a team logo or sponsor.

  1. Decorate for the Holiday Season

As you can see, floor graphics make anything possible when it comes to your flooring. Just print floor graphics to enhance the one-of-a-kind look of your store or further promote your business during the holiday season, from Christmas to Hanukkah to Valentine’s Day.

10.   Use a 3D Perspective

Nowadays, you may have noticed a trend in 3D perspective in floor graphic design.  How about using this technique to design a hole in the concrete at the end of a hallway or at an elevator entrance?   Design techniques as innovative as these can help grab people’s attention quicker than a standard floor graphic. Just step outside the box!

We hope this information comes in handy. What do you think? Do you see your store or event implementing custom printed floor graphics in the near future?



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