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Get More Walk-Ins with Rip-Hangers

Posted on: Nov 23,14

In spite of their relative simplicity and low cost, rip hangers are a very viable way to promote your services or products to consumers. Whether you use them for discounts, promotions, coupons or fundraising, their easy to rip off piece is extremely practical as potential customers can keep it in their wallets for future use.

If you’re thinking about ordering rip-hangers to promote your business, make sure to have a compelling design, that you include contact information and that you follow industry guidelines.

Different types of businesses should use different tailored strategies in order to get their message out there more effectively; one size does not fit all.  Here we give you 5 different strategies for 5 different types of businesses to get more walk-ins with rip-hangers:

door hanger design

Image Credit: IBM Storage DM on Behance


Rip Hangers for Restaurants

If you own a restaurant and are trying to boost sales by increasing walk-ins, rip-hangers are the way to go!

  • Present  weekly specials with a gorgeous color combination on both sides. Feature pictures of mouthwatering dishes, cozy ambiance or the Chef’s specialty of the month. By using high-quality full color printing, pictures can look attractive and delectable, making people run to your restaurant to taste the delicious dishes.
  • Offer Delivery but give walk-in incentives, use the rip piece to offer exclusive discounts or freebies (like ice cream, tea or coffee) valid only with the rip coupon.
  • Hire a delivery person to hang them in walking-distance office buildings, doctor offices etc.
  • Provide them as branded “Do Not Disturb” and “Come In” signs, leaving your address, number and a coupon on the rip hanger. Nearby firms may benefit from the sponsored door hanger and you incentivize the walk in.
  • Provide time-sensitive offers, such as lunch specials to make sure you get more walk-ins at less-busy times.


Rip Hangers for Bars

If you own the new bar in town, you can invite people to take advantage of a happy hour or mid-afternoon cocktail specials.

  • Include pictures of exclusive cocktails offered at your bar and offer 2 for 1 promotions on drinks or beers presenting the ripped piece.
  • Make use of inspiring sensory copy “Take a Break. 2X1 Lunch Special”
  • Create special campaigns in advance related to sporting events, check the calendar and see who’s playing, order rip hangers to match the seasonal events and hang them a few blocks around the bar. Promote friendly bets to winners with free beer or a free shot.



Rip Hangers for Spas

If you own a spa or beauty salon, use rip-hangers to promote family or referral packages. Encourage both parent and child participation to make it more fun.

  • Create a collection of rip hanger designs, with different themes, each one showcasing a core value offered at the spa: serenity, beauty, relaxation, glamour, friendship. By adding lovely quotes to an inspiring image you make the rip hanger more of a keeper. Add your information subtly alongside the hanger and your promo or gift on the rip piece.
  • Give them away after treatments, with optional salts or lotions (sample sized) that clients can take home and use at times when they wish to not be disturbed.
  • Use them for contests, people participate by entering the rip piece at a bowl in your location and keep the hanger for personal use.
  • Raise funds for a shared cause.


Rip Hangers for Retail Stores

If you own a clothing or jewelry store, offer an extraordinary discount (think up to 50%) on your most exclusive products. Retail stores don’t generally use rip hangers because business owners fail to see a connection between them -they’re so often used by the hospitality industry. But in advertising, the further you are from the box, the better.

Similarly to the above strategies, use rip hangers as bag stuffing (throw them in the shopping bag with a discount, even a 10% will do) and instead of making it a full branded hanger, make it a fun one to have. Cater to your audience: elegant, sexy, youthful, mature – order designs that match their style and watch them take them home and come back.

Don’t completely forego branding, add your information in a non intrusive manner so that their friends and relatives that notice them can get your dits from them -it’s all about referrals!


Rip Hangers for Hotels, B&Bs

If you own a hotel or a resort and are trying to get guests to be involved with other hotel activities to increase your profit, take advantage of rip door hangers to make them see your other advantages! Use attention-grabbing door hangers to promote fun outdoor activities such as, hiking, snorkeling and Scuba Diving.

  • Partner with local businesses to get them walk ins and you an affiliate commision deal.
  • Promote your membership perks.
  • Get the breakfast, express check out order.
  • Give them away as souvenirs with pictures of emblematic sights and spots from your location.
  • Offer exclusive content and/or discounts within the hotel to promote the bar, restaurant and more -in house.

Get your message out with this cost effective and simple marketing strategy. Order Rip-Hangers today and stand out from the rest!

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