Editorial Layout: How to Make the Most Out of Your Catalog

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There’s no doubt about it, catalogs offer a unique marketing advantage because they have far-reaching appeal and are both informative and entertaining. The most popular catalogs have the look of modern magazines and engage readers with graphically descriptive images, that make memorable impressions and entice us to make a purchase.

Since the birth of the catalog, businesses have been showcasing their one-of-a-kind services and/or products throughout the world, giving them an advantage over other marketing tools. If you want to effectively deliver your company’s message with vivid photography, keep in mind that a catalog’s success depends on the design and layout.

Here are some tips to make the most out of your catalog utilizing smart editorial design concepts.

Make Everything Huge


Just as it was done in this breathtaking editorial project for a magazine, make everything huge in order to make a powerful statement.  Images make more of an impact when they are magnified, as does text when large font sizes are implemented to enhance the details for a stunning effect. People love this approach because you do much more with fewer elements for a dynamic result. By using text as decoration, it helps draw in your readers and gets them to enthusiastically turn every page.


For amazing results, try the highly-engaging concept that was used by editorial designers in this magazine. Start with a huge image with over-sized text leading to smaller text, leading to a paragraph set in a typical magazine font size. This beautiful visual is sure to captivate readers.

Create Magical Content

Even if the web is all about content, content is not just words on a page. In editorial design, everything in the concept communicates something, and is, therefore, part of it. Article flow, images, text, colors and font choices speak to the reader. Photography or illustrations are crucial to any editorial piece, so choose wisely. Make certain that every element of your design clearly communicates your message. From Pop Art to metallic effects, check out these gorgeous magazine editorials:



Consistency is Boring

Do you like consistency or do you like to be spontaneous and break the rules every now and then? Consistency is what’s expected – so shake things up! Even if there is a grid system in editorial design, designers frequently break their own rules in order to add interest and depth to the page layout. This is often done to avoid monotony and getting readers bored.

Designers must be subtle when breaking boundaries in the name of beautiful design in order to enhance the reading experience. Although there must be a set structure from page to page in a catalog, there is certainly no need to follow a rigid system. Take a look at these interesting editorials that keep readers mesmerized even if they break some design boundaries:



We hope you use these editorial layouts as inspiration when designing your next business catalog campaign. Try embracing some of these useful tips to more effectively reach your target customer through unique catalog marketing. After all, editorial design has been around a lot longer than the web itself- maybe you can learn a new trick or two to excite your audience. Our best advice, dare to look outside the boundaries!



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