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10 Ways Printing Catalogs Help Your Business

Posted on: Oct 15,14

Even though we live in the ¨digital world¨ catalogs are still around; they are an efficient way to put your products in the hands of your target audience, they’re also a highly effective marketing channel that allows your customers to get to know your business, the products you offer and launch new promotional campaigns.

Businesses that use printed catalogs can benefit in several ways. In fact, businesses that use catalogues as sales and marketing tools say they are directly responsible for 30% of sales, according to Channel Vision – a report published by design, marketing and print specialist Catalogues 4 Business (C4B). Nonetheless, catalogs can do more than selling, they communicate and help build the identity of your business.

Any size business can take advantage of this marketing technique. These are 10 ways printing catalogs can benefit your business:


1. Consolidate Corporate Identity

Through continuous exposure to your corporate colors, logo and other graphic elements consumers get to identify your brand, products and services easily and at a glance.

Print materials give businesses the chance to reach an audience with a branded message; when people see your identity on business cards, posters, brochures, flyers and catalogs your brand is reinforced and consolidated. It is all about how people perceive your business, so make sure you keep a coherent message and distribution of elements across all mediums.

Well-designed materials are the foundation on which most brand reputation is built, positive experiences and quality products and services are what maintain it.

2. Provide a Virtual Disconnect

Most people have to sit in front of a computer daily, type, surf on the web for information, and push -or tap- buttons. A printed catalog is often a welcome break from the constant screen-light, plus they can be taken to different places and perused at leisure.

According to a study of MDM magazine, over 65 percent of distributors who produce a catalogs for their customers find that catalogs are an effective channel in “an increasingly digital age”. They cited flexibility and branding effectiveness as being among the advantages of the print material.

3. Gain Competitive Edge

Catalogs offer a new opportunity to outdo competitors: If you have a tourism agency, a well-designed catalog can make the reader feel the need of lying under the sun and taking a vacation -and choosing your services rather than someone else’s to do so.

You can also see what other brands are doing find a pattern and either surpass in performance and delivery or break it for shock value.

4. Promote Engagement

Combining print media with digital outlets and phone lines, you may get more interactions from readers than you would from your digital channels alone; catalogs can be shared among friends and reach people that hadn’t considered your brand before. With quality photography, a beautiful design and efficient call to actions, catalogs turn into power tools to drive more traffic to your site and stores or offices.

5. Make Your Message Lasts Longer

Catalogs run for a specific period of time and they are hardly ever short-lived, your message lives as as a copy is still around. Even if your promos are over, the material continues to provide brand awareness and offer effective channels of communication where you can be reached.

6. Business Professionalism

A printed catalog gives your company a professional image. A well-produced catalog shows with every aspect -content, colors, images, design, paper quality and print- the level of care and thought given to every detail in your business. If your catalog stands out in quality and is more attractive than others, then your services are more likely to be purchased.

7.Organized Promotion

Knowing you have to produce and deliver a catalog makes by a certain time, allows you and actually helps you plan in advance seasonal, anniversary and other special campaigns.

8. Generate Alliances

Catalogs not only educate your potential customers, but they also help to create or strengthen business partnerships. Organizations in your industry may be interested in your services or goods to complete their offering, an alliance can generate a significant business growth for all parties involved, as well as reduced costs by sharing expenses.

9. Higher Consumption

For many people, printed documents remain easier to read than digital documents. In fact, contrast, use of color, paper quality, print size, font type and style can make your catalog more attractive, while it may not benefit from a search bar information can be consumed faster by readers.

10. Expand Your Reach

Ranking #1 on Google is hard. Digital businesses and brick-and-mortar ones benefit from business catalogs because they may reach prospects that would’ve clicked on a name above in the search results. A catalog can be shared among friends, relatives, sit at the local dentist’s office and travel states and countries in a bag -all places where new clients may be waiting to discover your services.

Printing catalogs is an excellent way to provide your clients with valuable information about your business are you Ready to Start? Order printing catalogs for your business today!

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