How to Get the Most Out of Car Magnets

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Leverage the best of car magnets and vehicle advertising that stands the test of time, without permanently altering your car, with these useful tips.

Attention- grabbing car magnets can be one of the most useful marketing tools in your advertising arsenal; they get your company’s name around and have the power to both intrigue potential customers and promote brand awareness through visible repetition  (by driving around familiar neighborhoods constantly) with the added value that their removable surfaces can be taken off and/or  changed at will, without damaging the vehicle.

To get your handy car magnets to last as long as possible and get the most out of them, follow the following tips:


Add Relevant Information in a Readable Format

Make sure that your car magnet highlights contact information (telephone number and website) on an easy-to-read font that matches your unique design. You may also add your slogan to promote your brand’s message -especially if it’s a catchy one.

Always use short copy and a large font size, so potential customers can read it easily and remember what they read; you’ll be a moving target in many occasions.

Use Bold Colors and Contrast

Take into account corporate colors, the vehicle’s color and contrasting color combinations (light  on a dark background, dark on a light background). Consider neon colors and bold combinations to get more attention to your slogan or contact information. Make sure the number or URL is highlighted in a different color than the rest of the design.

Take Good Care of Your Car Magnet

To make the most out of your car magnets, improve their lifespan by performing routine maintenance on them:

  • Apply Them on Clean Surfaces: Always make sure to clean your car magnet and car right before applying the magnet to the surface; it improves adhesion and prevents it from falling off. You must take off your car magnet occasionally to clean any stains.
  • Clean Them With Non Abrasive Chemicals: A simple wet towel may suffice to keep your magnet shiny and attractive, for stronger stains use a small amount of any soft dishwasher soap significantly diluted in water or a soft glass cleaner, such as Windex. Clean on an as-needed basis, to avoid damaging the print.
  • Place Them on The Flattest Part of The Car: You must always place the car magnet on a flat surface, not because they won’t adhere to the curved sections, but because they’ll tend to loosen over time. Flat surfaces make for stronger, more lasting, adhesion.
  • Avoid Dents: do not place any objects on top of the signs before or after applying them to the car, you’ll avoid dents or smudges that may damage the magnet over time.
  • Beware of Cold Weather: Magnets may harden and occasionally lose grip under extreme low temperatures, regular maintenance keeps them lasting longer, even in snow.

If you take proper care of your car magnets, they may last a year or more under standard weather conditions. Order Car Magnets today!



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