How to Choose Between Rolled and Stretched Canvas Prints

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Trying to figure out the difference between stretched canvas prints and rolled ones? This short guide will let you know how to pick the right one for you. Consider pricing, their purpose, shipping needs and more.
mounted canvas prints

Canvas prints are great for making your home or office a stylish art gallery of special moments; they can transform treasured photos, designs and even your kid’s artwork into classy works of art.  They’re also wonderful for one-of-a-kind personalized gifts.

mounted canvas prints
Image Credit: Raquel Catalan on Behance

They’re called canvas prints because they’re, quite literally, images printed on a heavy-duty and sturdy fabric woven out of cotton, linen or similar that emulates acrylic and oil painting results, without the time or effort either one requires.  Rolled Canvas are canvas prints that get delivered in convenient rolls to mount later. They’re ideal for long term projects that don’t require immediate set-up, traveling and safe storage.

Stretched canvas prints are the same ones, but mounted on wooden frames that are ready to mount on your wall. If you’re having a hard time trying to choose between rolled and stretched canvas prints, here are a few things you should consider before ordering:


Price: Rolled or Stretched Canvas Prints?

Offering brighter and sharper images on premium quality artist canvas material, stretched canvas prints cost twice as much as rolled canvas prints; they’re framed and wrapped and they have a more refined look. Nevertheless, rolled canvas prints are also a great choice because you can still take advantage of this technology at affordable prices. Sometimes it’s just your call… How much are you willing to spend? Are you on a tight budget or not?


Use: Personal or Promotional?

If you want to turn beloved child portraits or precious wedding photographs into sophisticated art pieces, go for stretched canvas prints! These are sure to immortalize those moments and class up your home or workplace with memorable displays.

If you’re making a personalized gift with a photo and want to impress with something luxurious, also go for stretched canvas prints. However you can still make that impression for a lot less with rolled ones; you can treat your friends or coworkers and leave the framing to them.

Art galleries and museums have long been using affordable rolled canvas prints as replicas for the highly-priced art pieces that they are selling. If you’re a designer or an artist a way to attract more purchases is to offer just the rolled canvas, that way the buyer gets to mount it as they wish and you only charge for the design and the professional print.

If you’re self promoting go for stretched ones! A picture says a thousand words, a picture mounted with a  canvas print with museum or gallery wrap says a lot more.

promotional stretched canvas print
Image Credit: Benjamin Moten for Grumpy Deserts on Behance



If you live abroad and are placing an international order, go for rolled canvas prints! It’s really useful for international customers to buy rolled canvas prints in order to save substantial cash on over-the-top shipping costs.


Mounting & Framing

If you are a meticulous person who has someone who does your framing and mounting and doesn’t trust anyone else to do to the job, go for rolled canvas prints! This ensures that you have the same professional do the mounting and framing. You can feel at ease knowing that no one will stretch your prints before they are delivered.  If on the other hand you don’t, want a professional finish and to make sure you get your prints in mint condition -go for stretched, or mounted, canvas prints.

Have you decided yet? Order Canvas Prints today!


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