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How to Choose the Right Binding Option for Your Booklets

Posted on: Oct 02,14

Presentation matters. If you want to make your presentations professional, memorable and convey your message effectively it is crucial that your presentation elevates the conversation. If you’re considering booklet printing, you’re already a step ahead in the right direction.

What are Booklets Good For?

When most people think of a booklet, they would probably picture a catalog. Which is not unusual, store catalogs and seasonal specials are often printed as booklets. But thanks to the flexibility that custom printing provides, we can now use any format for the purpose that best fit our needs. For example:

  • A photo album for a personalized gift
  • A business proposal
  • Class and educational material
  • A sales presentation
  • A research report
  • A self-published book
  • An event program

If you are planning to order some booklets for print advertising, you should know that according to these stats published by DMR show 92% of young shoppers showed a preference for direct mail ads when it comes to making a purchase decision. Plus, 39% of customers said they would try a new product or brand because of direct mail advertising. Facts like these remind marketers of the importance of an optimized print campaign. But they should also inspire you to create a product that your target audience would be excited to read, or at least take a closer look at.

How Can Binding Make a Difference?


Binding options can make it easier or harder to read your material. Let’s say you have created a very comprehensive corporate report with lots of graphs to show. It would be easier for readers to be able to go back and forth without the risk of damaging the document. For such purposes, you should go for Wire-O or Plastic Coil binding. These are two of the most resistant options and really easy to handle.

If on the contrary, the material you are distributing is only constituted by a few pages and they are likely to be used separated, the saddle or side stitch binding are the way to go. People can easily separate the pages or store the copy away. There is a more sophisticated option called Perfect Binding. This one is more suitable for projects of 60 pages or more. The overall finish will be professional and book-like. You can even order spine printing and page numbering.

What About Print Finish?

As you may have already realized, custom printing is all about letting the user be 100% involved with the creative process. That of course includes the print finish. We’ve come a long way from the basic black & white or color options. You can now choose to print on uncoated paper for a more organic, textured feel, or a coated paper for smooth and shiny results. Each of the print, binding, and style features should be carefully planned according to what you want the product to tell the end user.

How to Choose the Right Binding Option for Your Booklet:

Here are some basic booklet uses and its recommended features

 Booklet Purpose  Features  Why?
  • Sales Presentation
  • School Report
  • Department Performance
  • Full Color
  • Uncoated or Coated Paper
  • Wire-O or Plastic Binding
 The style of document requires frequent
 which means it needs a resistant,
yet  flexible binding.

 Full color will better display the information.
  • Product Catalog
  • Seasonal Advertising
  • Weekly Specials
  • Full Color
  • Uncoated or Coated Paper
  • Saddle or Side Stitch binding   
 Promotional print products have an
expiration period 
and are not meant to
last long or resist tough handling.

 Plus, if they include coupons or flyers,
these binding styles
will make it easy to separate.
  • Real Estate Booklet
  • Fashion Book
  • Large Product Catalog
  • Self-published Book
  • Recipe Book
  • Full Color
  • Coated Paper
  • Perfect Binding
 These types of products should last longer and
 look highly professional. The mix of a glossy
print finish
and perfect binding will end up in
a magazine or 
book style print product.

The Perfect Booklet

When you use custom printing, there is no real set formula for the “perfect product”. Sure, you can use some products as references, but it is hard to find two identical personalized products out there. Whether it is the print finish, color palette, image distribution or the binding option you choose, customized products are unique and a representation of the maker’s style.

Use every opportunity to improve brand recognition. Choose a similar style for all products, so customers can easily recognize your material. Bringing your projects to the next level with the appropriate binding option is completely achievable. You just have to envision what you want and make it happen!

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