The Difference Between Indoor and Outdoor Banners

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The difference between indoor and outdoor banners may not be so obvious to some. Take a look at what makes them special and some tips for your next one.
banner printing

Banners are very popular products because they fit various purposes. From small exhibitions to large gatherings, banners are easy to spot and there’s a lot of information that can be displayed on them.

banner printing

Elements of a Great Banner

Before you get to banner printing, there’s a few elements to keep in mind design-wise. For example:

  • Font Type: Use a clean font that can be read from afar.
  • Color Palette: Choose amicable ‘easy to read’ colors, making smart element distribution, and
  • Copy: Go for short and sweet -concise information.

It’s very important to think about the intended banner location before choosing a final design. For example, if you need an outdoor banner and choose light colors for it, chances are it will be hard to read in sunlight.

Another critical step, think of the audience you are trying to reach and where to do so. It’s not just about creating a catchy design, but about creating one that the right audience would turn their heads for.

Lastly, always add a call to action (CTA). Which means, leave an instruction potential customers can follow. Like an invitation to follow you on social media, a phone number to call for further information, or the place where they could find your products. Once all basics are covered, it is time to get your banner ready to print.

Printing Indoor and Outdoor Banners

You would typically go for a Scrim Vinyl for an indoor banner. The resistant material comes with a white background you can easily print over. Indoor banners are not supposed to face changing weather conditions, nor deal with damaged caused from UV. For outdoor purposes, there is Black-Out Vinyl, which is more suitable to face uncontrollable elements like wind, rain, and sunlight. A black-out vinyl is also a good choice if the banner is to be placed in front of a window and under direct sun rays.

Another issue about indoor vs outdoor banners is visibility. The good news is that there are plenty of standard sizes to choose from and it’s not unusual to ask for custom sizes. Indoor banners range from 8”x8” to 59.5”x100”. Which should fit from a window to a large exhibition space. Outdoor banners on the other hand, depend on the material you are after. An Oz Vinyl can be supersized to 16’x150’, and mesh banners up to 150”x24”.

Indoor Banner Options

An indoor banner can be pretty much given any use. From decorating an empty space, to unique menu displays, it can all be done with a custom sized banner. The greatest thing about it is that they are easy to remove or relocated. Perfect for pop-up restaurants, corporate events, private parties, or simple branding items.

Outdoor Banner Options

There’s more to think about outdoor banners than an indoor one. Take Mesh Banners for example, they’re made of strong perforated vinyl and able to resist all windy conditions. These banners do not compromise print quality and come as large as 10’X30’. Mesh banners are made out of the same resistant  scrim vinyl used for traditional banners but because of the perforated mesh pattern, they’re actually lighter and still easy to handle. All outdoor banners are recommended to be set with grommets, poles, or welded hems.

You may also consider black out vinyl banners, which completely block sunlight and are very resistant.

Outdoor banners do more than decorate a place, they are meant to drive people into a store or motivate a certain action. They are powerful tools for local advertising and business identification.

Showcasing Your Brand

Whether you go for an indoor or outdoor option, your main focus should always be to display your brand in a positive way. Remembering the basics of print advertising, like appropriate logo display, corporate colors and image, straight forward message, and print quality.

Take a few minutes to browse around our banner section and start planning your next print campaign.


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