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FSC Certified Since 2008. Because we care and so do you.

4OVER4.COM Adds FSC® Certification to its Environmental Accomplishments

The Online Printing Authority sets the Gold Standard with use of FSC® Certified Paper.

Forest Stewardship Council, FSC

4OVER4.COM earned the chain-of-custody certification from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) on July 29, 2008. Our certification process ensures that the paper used at 4OVER4.COM was manufactured from wood harvested from well-managed forests.

Chain-of-custody is the process of tracking and recording the possession and transfer of this wood from the forest of origin, through the various stages of production, to the end user. In order to use the FSC logo, the product must have flowed through the FSC "chain-of-custody" from the FSC-certified forest, to a paper manufacturer, merchant and finally to a printer like 4OVER4.COM, who must all have acquired FSC chain-of-custody certification.

4OVER4.COM has always been a leader and innovator in the online printing industry since 1999. 4OVER4.COM's commitment to the environment extends beyond our FSC-certification and its 100% use of FSC-only certified papers. Constantly adapting new more "eco-friendly" technologies, we have become one of New York's “greenest” printing companies, introducing processless, chemical-free computer-to-plate technology, phasing out petroleum-based inks for environmentally harmless soy-based; eliminating alcohol as a solvent; recycling all oils, metals (including all aluminum plating materials), paper waste generated during the printing process, and all wood products, such as pallets and off-cuts.

We have compiled some information below about the FSC, FSC Certified paper and utilizing the FSC logo as a mark of your commitment to the environment.

What is FSC?

The Forest Stewardship Council is an independent, nonprofit organization that promotes the responsible management of the world's working forests through the development of forest management standards, a voluntary certification system, and trademarks that provide recognition and value to products bearing the FSC label. FSC standards have been applied on more than 170 million acres of actively managed forests in more than 60 countries as of Spring 2006, and growing steadily.

Since its inception in 1993, it has emerged as a globally influential system for transforming forestry around the world by reaching areas where other conservation strategies or government policies have fallen short. The FSC promotes responsible forest management by evaluating and accrediting certifiers, by encouraging the development of national and regional forest management standards, and by providing public education and information about independent, third-party certification as a tool for ensuring that the world's forests are protected for future generations. The FSC-U.S. is responsible for establishing independent forest certification standards and promoting FSC certification in the U.S.

What is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified Paper?

FSC-certified paper incorporates a unique furnish component that truly promotes environmental and social benefits. In order to produce this paper, mills have secured fiber from certified forests that meet FSC Principles and Criteria that ensure the forest is being managed responsibly. This FSC fiber content is specified on each package or roll of paper. Like recycled fiber content, FSC-certified fiber is of increasing interest to paper buyers, users, and consumers.

FSC Certified Paper...Going Beyond Just "Recycled"

Do you buy paper? Do you know that the fiber choice is one of the most important decisions you can make in choosing which paper to buy or print on? In fact, paper fiber options impact climate changes, greenhouse gases, forest preservation, water and air pollution, waste management, energy use, and much more.

Fibers from virgin forests make up approximately two-thirds of the pulp that goes into papers made at North American paper mills. More than 90% of printing and office paper has no recycled content at all. Instead they are made almost entirely from "virgin" fibers, meaning those harvested for their first use. Forest fibers currently account for almost all virgin fibers in North American and European papers.

So as you can see, while recycled fiber is a key element of the traditional model for responsible consumption, it has become increasingly clear that forest management in the production of wood used in paper manufacturing has more fundamental importance than even recycled fiber. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), with its devotion to encouraging the responsible management of the world's forests, is a driving vehicle to ensuring our planet's future and sustainability.

Of course, wood is an important material for all paper manufacturers. The FSC certification system allows professionals in our business, printers and paper merchants, to know that they are doing the right thing, and taking business away from other companies that may still be supporting illegal, unsustainable, unverified logging activities. The intent of the FSC system is to shift the market to eliminate habitat destruction, water pollution, displacement of indigenous peoples and violence against people and wildlife that often accompanies logging.

4OVER4.COM is proud to have undergone the arduous process of acquiring our FSC chain-of-custody certification. As an FSC certified printer, 4OVER4.COM is also proud to display the FSC logo as a symbol of our commitment to responsible forest management.

Why does a commercial printer need to be FSC certified?

In order to ensure that the FSC-certified paper that is received by printers and ships to you, our customers, maintains the integrity of the claim on the label, the FSC has established a certification called Chain-of-Custody certification. Chain-of-Custody certification is for supply chain tracking from the forest to the printer, though each company is responsible only for tracking FSC products from purchasing to shipping within their own operation. Certification is a public verification that you have the procedures in place to ensure that FSC certified paper will not be mixed with non-certified paper.

For any printed piece to display any FSC trademark (the logo, the initials FSC or the phrase 'Forest Stewardship Council'), the printing company absolutely must have chain of custody certification. 4OVER4.COM Cert No. FSC C013635

Using the FSC label

The FSC logo is also available for use in your own printed materials, telling the world that you also support the highest social and environmental standards. When planning for print, your choice of print providers can make a difference in conserving the world’s natural resources. Using 4OVER4.COM is therefore eloquent testimony about the choices you make and then world you help create. As an added bonus, we DO NOT charge any more for FSC certified papers over non-certified papers, but the savings in protecting forest resources are priceless.

Why use the label?

Printing on FSC certified papers with an FSC Certified print provider, like 4OVER4.COM, is an effective way to demonstrate your commitment to sustainability. As customers and shareholders become increasingly concerned about where and how products are made, they are demanding that companies use products that come from sustainable and responsible sources.

Want your next job to carry the forest stewardship council logo/label?

Here's how the process works at 4OVER4.COM:

  •  Discuss your desire to print the FSC logo on your next job with a 4OVER4.COM production professional.
  •  When designing your project, be sure to leave room for the FSC logo, which we will place in your file for you. It is a requirement of our certification that we place the appropriate FSC logo with our certification code directly in your file. Your production professional will place the FSC logo in your file, and you will receive your free online proof with the FSC logo in place. A copy of this same proof and additional paper tracking information will be sent for approval to our FSC certifier, who will verify that the correct FSC claim label is being used for your project, that the logo standards are met, and that our tracking of the paper is in order. This approval process typically takes less than a day. Once approved, your files will be released for plating, subject of course to YOUR approval of the free online proofs prepared for you by 4OVER4.COM.
  •  Once your project is printed, it will be packed and labeled as FSC Certified material. Your invoice will carry a special denotation that your project was printed on FSC certified paper as well.

What does the FSC label look like?

The logos come in two orientations, portrait and landscape and in four color/contrast variations (positive/green,positive/black+white, negative/green, negative/black+ white).

FSC On-Product Label - General Requirements

"On-product" FSC labels, like what you would have placed on your printing project, must meet strict graphical size, color and placement rules and must be approved by 4OVER4.COM's certifier prior to going to press. All labels generally must meet the following requirements:

  •  Must include the printing company's registration code. This can be placed directly under the FSC logo or in parenthesis after the copyright claim.
  •  The following copyright claim must be included: "FSC Trademark © 1996 Forest Stewardship Council."
  •  The logo, whether landscape or portrait, must meet the minimum size requirement - 19 mm across for portrait labels, 11 mm high for landscape labels.
  •  The logo is in an approved color and contrast.
  •  The "clear zone" is met, an area of white space around the logo itself that is calculated by using twice the height of the FSC wordmark.

FSC certified printer cert no FSC C013635

To quote the FSC, at 4OVER4.COM, "we believe that environmental leadership is good for business, because good business isn't just about economics. It's about doing the right thing in all facets of your business and that includes making products with high integrity. It's driven by a strong internal desire to contribute to forest conservation globally and to improve the paper making value".

4OVER4.COM is a proud Forest Stewardship Council chain-of-custody certified printing supplier and proud to print all of our products entirely on Forest Stewardship Council certified paper.

Examples of FSC labeling on printed pieces

World Wildlife Fund Annual Report

McDonald’s Corporate Responsibility Report

World Wildlife Fund Annual Report

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