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    When to Send Thank You Cards Time Frames, Etiquette, & More

    When to Send Thank You Cards Time Frames, Etiquette, & More

    If you want to show appreciation, thank you cards play an immense role, but when is the best time to send thank you cards? Handwritten notes are the best thing to send to your friends and family for special occasions, after job interviews, or to wedding vendors. But, many times, the timing for sending thank you cards can be puzzling.

    After thanking someone in person, we tend to question whether or not we should write a thank you note. You may wonder what the proper time frame is for a thank you card, or what etiquette is expected. Although there is some basic thank you note etiquette, you should always send a custom thank you note when you have doubts.

    Important Occasions to Send Thank You Cards



    Thank you notes are a must after you receive any gift. This includes gifts for birthdays or dinner parties, bridal or baby showers, gifts at a wedding, gifts received before the wedding, or gifts for graduation or any similar situation. All of these instances require you to send a thank-you note.

    Thank-you notes are not just limited to the gift giver. You may also send it to the party hostess for arranging an amazing party, to your boss for a team outing, or to your landlord for inviting you to a house party. Any congratulations or sympathy letter needs to be responded to with a handwritten thank you note.   

    Occasions When You May or May Not Send Thank You Cards                

    There are certain circumstances when sending a thank you card is just an option as per Emily’s post edition. Although thank you notes can be sent at any time, there are occasions when you are not bound by etiquette. When you open a birthday gift in front of the giver, for a dinner party where you were a guest, or when you are a baptism attendee, you don’t need to send any kind of thank you card or note.

    If you have already thanked someone in person for an anniversary or birthday gift, thank you notes become optional. If you have any doubts, thank you note manners say that it is better to send one than to ignore it completely. If a person has done some good to you and it also includes a gift, get a flat or folded thank you printed card, add a personal note, and send it over.

    When to Send Thank You Cards


    Usually, the thank you card etiquette time frame asks you to send the handwritten personal note somewhere between just now to around four weeks from the time you receive the gift. But if the receipt of the gift is unfortunately in the hospital, the person can send the thank you card once he or she is fit to respond.

    In the case of an interview, you must express your gratitude within 24 hours of the job interview. For donation recipients, the thank you note should reach the givers annually. You can order a few flat thank you cards online from platforms like 4OVER4.COM and write a sweet message to express your feelings of gratitude.

    Exceptional Timeframe to Send Thank You Cards for Wedding Gifts

    The thank-you timeframe etiquettes for wedding presents are exceptional. One needs to understand that if the gift recipient has to start sending wedding thank you cards within 2-4 weeks of their big day, they will miss out on their honeymoon or spend the entire honeymoon writing the notes.

    The wedding thank-you notes timeframe is 3 months from the receipt of the gifts. One must adhere to this timeframe, spend at least a day in a week, and pen down handwritten notes for the ones who cared for and supported you.

    Get Thank You Cards Online with 4OVER4

    With a range of options for thank you cards, paper quality, and finishes, 4OVER4 has always been one of the most preferred platforms for online printed thank you cards. Make the perfect choice from several templates available for blank thank you cards or customize your card and write your heartfelt note to all those who matter.