Online Printing: Pigments, Dyes, and Sublimation Inks: Rich Possibilities for Professional Printing - 023

As a full-service online printing company, we print with both major ink types – dyes and pigments – in addition to featuring innovative new sublimation ink technology. Pigments, inks, and sublimation technology provide ideal options for printing artistic posters, everyday business documents, archival books, and other important works. Top options for business printing and other needs are summarized below. Some of them are also used for label printing purposes as this particular product must endure specific and special environments and constant movement both packager and/or out of the boxes. Tried-and-True Pigment Inks Pigment inks were used in traditional printing presses and are now used in printing online. Ideal for everydaybusiness printing, pigments are especially indelible and waterproof when compared with dye inks – and because our pigment inks form a chemical bond with paper, they cannot be removed with simple abrasion. Pigment inks are the most popular option for standard online printing. In addition to being enduring, pigments inks are prized because they stay on the surface of paper instead of bleeding into it. This has two advantages: image quality is less likely to be compromised, and a bit of pigment ink goes a long way. The cost-effectiveness of pigment ink makes it a top choice for everyday company printing needs. Dye-Based Inks for Brilliance Dye-based inks are sometimes preferred to pigment inks because they can produce more intense colors on certain papers and other soft surfaces. The dye molecules interact especially well with brighteners and other agents to enhance color intensity. The glossiness of dye inks also makes them popular. However, unlike pigment inks, dyes soak into materials instead of drying on the surface. Thus, if hot air or a quick-drying solvent isn’t used, dye-based inks can bleed and compromise the quality of text and images. The brilliant color offered by dye-based inks can make the effort to use them worthwhile. They aren’t ideal for everyday company printing but are reserved for colorful marketing campaigns and for artistic products. Printing Online with Sublimation Inks Sublimation ink is normally reserved for printing photographs and other highly customized images onto soft and hard surfaces. The sublimation transfer process involves heating the ink to approximately 400 degrees Fahrenheit. When the ink turns to gaseous form, it can form a permanent bond with a soft synthetic fabric or a hard polymer-coated material. Sublimation dyes look best when used on materials that are white, light gray, and other light colors. They create premium images that cannot be peeled, cracked, or washed away from clothing, ceramics, and other surfaces. Additionally, because they are extremely lightfast, sublimation inks are especially recommended for archival works. At we do not only use the highest quality materials but also environment friendly ones, so, for all your printing needs, may they be canvas prints, poster printing, or label printing come to and see the difference.

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