Are you considering using large format banners for your advertisement? Since the BCE ages, human beings have used banners to communicate different messages and even identify their kingdoms. We use business banner design for various reasons to pass a message across and sometimes if we do not apply the right principles of design, the banner might fail in its mission.

Coming up with a successful banner design

banner-designComing up with a successful banner design is no mean fit. Sourcing of images is not hard to come by. It is quality images that are hard to get. Many businesses however prefer to use their own images. As bannersnack blog revealed that 87.70% users are using their own branded images in display ads, while only 12.30% are using stock images. Attractive banners, like all other great designs, are based on the following:

1Communicate with few words



In communication, you don't need to use many words to pass a message across. Let me share a secret with you, even without words you can communicate. Nevertheless, you need to use words in a product sale banner design.

There are good examples such as Nike's Just do it, Apple's Think different. They deliver powerful messages in very few words instead of "To make our customers the happiest customers in the world". The latter is wordy and non-specific. Consider employing that for your banner designs so that your audience will understand clearly and identify with the message.


2Choose impactful words to get your message through

Picking up from the previous point, words may be less but they need to be impactful. You should choose words that will captivate, attract, inform and call people to action because at the end of the day you want your audience to spring into action.

3Simple images grab attention


Custom graphics such as graphical imagery is becoming more popular than using random images. You can also employ filtering and graphic design on the images you use. Filtering refers to tastefully altering the color balance and contrast so that the photo can be more eye-catching. 

It is also recommended by experts that if you use images of people, they should be smiling because research proves that minds are easily drawn to other human faces.

4Keep it simple- don’t overcrowd


As a professional communicator, I usually advise people that the delivery channel of the message is as important as the message itself. A “busy†sophisticated design- no matter how beautiful it is- may end up failing to deliver the message. The message may get lost in the sophistication.

I am a firm believer in the anonymous quote that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Have one image and simple clear well-placed texts that get the message home with clarity.

5Time determines banner material


You also need to pay attention to the material that the details will be printed on. According to printing experts, aluminum is lightweight, strong and affordable. On the other hand, vinyl is advantageous because it is affordable and very easy to transform. However, you should consider vinyl if the sign will be disposed of at a later time.

Based on how long you want your banners to last, you can choose either aluminum or vinyl. This being an election year, there are so many banners but in three months they will all be irrelevant because politicians and parties are highly using campaign targeted banners. 

For such a project, therefore, the best banners to use are vinyl banners such as the pre-designed ones we offer at 4OVER4.

6Target a specific audience


As much as your products are for the public, they are not meant for everyone. There are products meant for men, women, millennials, business owners, or members of other demographics. Every demographic has its specific dynamics and distinct qualities, language, buyer preferences, and trends personas and so much more.

Your banner should be able to capture the attention of your target audience by speaking a language that appeals to them. Consider what they are interested in and the personas that emulate a potential client in that specific demographic. 

For instance, Chipotle, targeting millennials, came up with the web series "Farmed and Dangerous". It featured a millennial farmer going up against a corrupt corporate. 

Then craft a banner for business design that has text, colors, and images that appeal to that audience.  

7Position your logo correctly


While a logo on a web banner comes off as too salesy and actually repels potential customers, it’s important for branding purposes on printed banners. In this instance, the logo helps to get your company name out in the public so that people are more likely to remember your company, product, or service.

Experts also advise that you have the most important text on the eye level on an economy retractable banner stand so that your desired audience will see it quickly and easily.

8Understand color emotion


Ever heard of the saying “Proceed with moderation� When it comes to color you need to be cautious to inject just the right blend and the right amounts. If there are too many colors or the blend does not marry well, then this will result in a very busy and confusing banner to the audience.

Designhill advises that designers should know how to use warm or cool colors in order to grab attention by evoking emotions. Red, Yellow, and Green are considered warm and bring excitement, playfulness, positivity such as KFC, MacDonalds, and Starbucks.


The main theme in all these banner design factors that we have highlighted and when brainstorming what to put on a business banner is simplicity. 

At 4OVER4 we have 20 years of professional experience which enables us to offer you simple but classy banner designs. Log on and find the best templates for your banner concepts.

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