Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

For young kids, coloring pages are the perfect distraction.

Out in a restaurant or at home, coloring pages will distract for at least an hour.

So, if your business caters to lots of children; make sure you keep a stock of these things around at all times!

Last Minute Thanksgiving

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5 Thanksgiving Brushes

So Thanksgiving is practically here! If you haven’t gotten the decorations on the way yet, not to worry! We’ve got some Thanksgiving Photoshop Brushes for you!

What to do With Thanksgiving Leftovers

What to do With Thanksgiving Leftovers – When the dinner has died out, you could start packaging the leftovers in these thoughtful little boxes. Now, if you get personalized long labels, that are blank and simple; you could reuse these for Christmas and all sorts of occasions.

Thanksgiving Cards

When you think about giving thanksgiving greeting cards, you can might want to consider personalized ones through a company that offers greeting card printing. This is after all a special day, so what better way to let those you care about, with a special little something, like a personalized greeting card.

Thanksgiving Stickers

Since the stickers below are snoopy stickers, you can use them specially for the kids attending your Thanksgiving dinner and make it fun for them. You can make stickers for any holiday, including Christmas which is also creeping up!