Print Vs Digital Marketing: Which Is Better?

Print Vs Digital Marketing: Which Is Better?, The Benefits of Print Marketing, The Benefits of Digital Marketing

Print Marketing: Large Format Printing for Media Outlets

Large format printing is one of the biggest allies media outlets can rely on. Check out these print marketing facts and tell us what you think!

Promote Your International Jazz Day History Event With These Creative Prints

Follow these creative customizable print ideas to promote and decorate your International Jazz Day event. Plan an unforgettable celebration with 4OVER4.COM high quality prints.

How to Use Print Marketing Trends to Connect with Customers

Print marketing is alive and kicking! Follow these cost-effective print marketing trends to plan a one-of-a-kind campaign that meets your online efforts and goals.

The Ultimate Print Marketing Kit to Promote Your Business

Designing a great print marketing kit will be the most cost-efficient way to promote your products and services. Keep reading to learn which items suit you best and what to do with them.

How to Track Print Advertising Effectiveness

According to reports by the Direct Marketing Association, the response rate for mailings is 3.4 percent while the response rate of email is just 0.12 percent. In digital advertising and marketing, tracking the success of the strategy is almost as important as the campaign itself – and print advertising should be no different. From online […]

5 Reasons Print Marketing Is Better Than Digital Marketing

Marketers often battle over the importance of print marketing vs. digital marketing. Read our post to learn more about print marketing and why it could be such an asset for your business.

Easter Marketing Ideas Your Customers Can’t Resist

Promote your business with these affordable Easter Marketing Ideas that are easy and fun to implement for businesses of all sizes!

Why 67% of Online Searches are Driven by Direct Marketing

Offline messages or Direct Marketing is responsible for over a half of today's online searches. The feud is over, it's time to merge digital and print.