Large Format Printing Quick Guide: The File Prep Basics

large format resolution

A successful print job starts with appropriate file prep. Submitting a print ready file will help you save time and unnecessary mistakes. Follow our quick guide to make your large format printing easy and cost-effective.

Kickstart 2017 With These Inspirational Prints

inspirational printing

Whether you work from home, as a freelancer or as part of a creative team, your success as a graphic designer, marketer or creative depends on how much creativity lies inside you. In order to come up with innovative ideas, work productively and enjoy your projects, you need to cultivate an environment filled with inspiration […]

Advertising Tips: Best Colors for Real Estate Yard Signs

Yard signs are one of the most common practices for real estate advertising. The simple, yet effective format can grab passersby attention and lead them to your property. Keep reading to find out how to design unique yard signs with our signs’ color guide.

20 Memorable Movie Posters You Can Learn From

Movie Posters are highly persuasive marketing tools that showcase in a few words and images a whole story. Learn how to leverage their power from the best print posters in movie history.

Large Format Printing Makes Business Easy to Read

There was a time when printing a large size banner or poster wasn’t so easy or cost efficient. These days things are so much better. You can use large format printing to get an incredibly wide vinyl banner, charming canvas prints or professional posters almost as quick and easy as printing a document.

Top 5 Movies for Christmas: The ‘A’ List

It’s that time of year again, and Christmas is just around the corner. Most people are thinking, “Here we go again”. I know. You have to be prepared, and you want it to be fun but within your budget. But most importantly, you want it to work.

World cup designs.

-JDZ With the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa going on, many of us have been doing absolutely nothing more than watching TV.  I hope these amazing posters would help you to get inspired and make your own designs. Thanks to for this great compilation of images!

Mexican designers

JDZ- It doesn’t matter where great art comes from; If it’s good, it’s good. As I was browsing the web, I found these great examples of posters designed by a Mexican designer. These posters will surely blow your mind away! And you might just use them to get some inspiration for your next piece of […]

Brilliant Examples Of Direct Mail Marketing

JDZ- Check out these great examples of direct mailing campaigns, they will definetly get the right attention to any product… Get your own, or check out these other great ideas! Plus, thanksto and duval guillaume for these great ideas.

Truck Advertising.

-JDZ Check out these great headturners, it’s big, well done and waaay creative. Get your own adhesive back vinyl or get more ideas! Thanks to toxel for sharing these great images!

Great Advertisement

-Margie When it comes to attracting customer attention, it is extremely competitive. There are so many great ads out there that it is a little bit more difficult to stand out with each passing moment. Here are some advertising that big companies have created to promote their products. It is important to note that when […]

Sizing For My Custom Poster (Open list) (0 submissions)

The typography and measurements of a poster or large format print should be calculated for an adequate visualization; things such as distance, and the velocity in which the potential observer is traveling should be taken into account.