Is Eco-friendly printing possible?

professional green printing

Going green is possible even in the print advertising and graphic design industries. Get to know what Green Printing is all about and how you can use it to help the environment.

Promote using Door Hangers

A good marketing plan includes a multitude of tactics to target customers and generate sales. It should include various approached that once stacked together make up a powerful effort. Printing services and products should be employed in clever and creative ways to contribute to your marketing effort. Door hangers are one great tool that you […]

Green Printing with Business Cards

It seems like there’s a constant movement towards greener initiatives, and the printing industry is not left behind. However, there’s a notion that business cards have to have superior paper quality and superior rigidity to reflect how professional a business is. This of course, is not true at all. Many businesses have started using recycled or uncoated paper to produce their business cards; and they still make it work!