Creative Event Badges to Prepare For The Biggest Event

You can be sure that once this pandemic is over, there will be a lot of events. People will want to learn more about a new norm. Now what better way to prepare than having a greatly designed event badge? Event organizers should not be on a snooze because event name badges are the deal […]

Let Your Event Badges Speak for You It is important to use event badge in any conferences or events. These badges give a professional look and also help others to address you easily. Select the Best Event Badges With so many styles of event badges out here, it should become clear why having the right one is so important for […]

How to be Environmental Friendly with Event Badges

If networking is the primary element of your program, you cannot ignore event badges. Conferences, trade shows, seminars, etc. are busy events, and there is hardly any time for a formal introduction. You must have come across situations where you forgot the name of someone you just met a few minutes before. Isn’t that quite […]

How to Use Printed Event Badges as a Marketing Tool

When you run a business, events and promotions are a big part of it. Every single event involves many factors. One of the most common problems that businesses face during events is the need to be unique. Printed event badges are a great way to solve this especially when using 4OVER4.COM. With high-quality event badges […]