The T-shirt has for long been the most underrated type of clothing in the wardrobe and the fashion world. Most of us just love adorning T-shirts during summer but once the hot weather is gone, we resume to wearing other types of clothes except T-shirts. That is why I will forgive you in advance for paying less attention to this magnificent wear but once I am done, you will know where to print T-shirts. When it comes to T-shirts, you have the option of keeping things plain and simple just like Mark Zuckerberg and his Facebook T-shirts but remember simplicity is his brand. Never assume that graphic T-shirts are a teenage trend. Your graphics don’t have to be loud and screaming for attention. You can add your own touch of simplicity and make a statement.

The Renaissance Of The Graphic T-shirts

Graphic T-shirts are a streetwear trend but recently, we have seen this trend infiltrating the main fashion brands. The major fashion brands are sticking to one of a kind graphic prints and making them not only more accessible but also more desirable. When I say major fashion names, I am talking about Gucci, Saint Laurent, Kenzo among others.



Of course, they add their own spin. It’s like everyone went into the archives and decided to make something out of it. According to DesignHill.Com, the global market for custom t-shirt printing industry is expected to cross 10 billion USD by 2025. In this list, we are going to look at some of the ways you can wear unique graphic T-shirts.from here you can go ahead and print your own T-shirt same day.

Unique Graphic T-shirts For You

1The Logo T-shirt

This is a trend that reigned supreme in the nineties and is now making a major comeback.  You remember the brand FUBU and Reebok and how everyone wanted everyone to know what they were wearing? High fashion designers decided to bring back this trend where their logo or emblem is placed at the center to look big and bold and to make a statement. During this era of social media and Instagram to be precise, everyone is bragging about what they are wearing. Do not go for the mundane typography. The branding is doing most of the talking here. Everything else is kept neat and minimal except the logo. As a business person, you should consider making such T-shirts to brag about your brand while gaining publicity.

2Band T-shirt

Remember the Kardashian T-shirt saga where they used Tupac’s image on T-shirts they were to sell to their fans? You can then also recall that it did not mince well with every hip hop lover who said that the Kardashians were misusing the culture. Well, that is not the point I am trying to make. I am trying to show you the power of a band brand. People did not buy Yeezies because of the design, they bought them because of the name behind the design, Kanye West. You have also seen the collaboration. Between Beyonce and Addidas. You can get a T-shirt and add something retro with a bit of modern touch. In my opinion, if you are a small business in any state, work with the best local band. Make T-shirts that give them publicity and also market your brand. If you grow to the level of collaborating with Justin Bieber, then go ahead.

3Bootleg T-shirt

If you would like to turn your brand into a tangible walking meme then this is the graphic T-shirt for you. It’s like putting on dramatic irony or satire hinged on nostalgia.

4All over print

This is a busy kind of graphic design but do not be perturbed. It is a great style. This is the kind of T-shirt that should be worn under a bomber jacket. Tapered trousers can also be considered just to match the character of the T-shirt that you are wearing.

5How To Style Graphic T-shirts

Of course, your graphic T-shirts are not going to look good on their own. How you dress is how you will be addressed by the fashion police on the street.

You should first of all ensure that you are nailing the outfit. It should conjure to your body, not too big or too small.

Choose a graphic design that blends in with your personality. Ensure that the graphic is saying something amazing. The base should be plain white or black. Other colors would mean that you are screaming for attention yet the graphic design on your tee already did that in a calm and somber way.

Get the right footwear. A graphic T-shirt always looks good with something casual. Please do not bring in too much formality.

You can also accessorize these tees with a nice belt or hat.

At 4OVER4, we specialize in printing graphic T-shirts that will make your brand stand out. What’s more, not only are we affordable but we also have hundreds of free templates to choose from. Custom T-shirt printing is also accepted. Now, how about we start rocking out some great designs for you? As usual, I love your comments and would like to know what you think about graphic T-shirts.  

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