Thanksgiving is creeping up, you’ve probably already started planning how you’re going to roast the turkey this year, how to make your potatoes, yams, gravy, sweet carrots, rolls, and everything else involved. But have you considered getting some simple favors for your guests? Or the other way around, if you’ve been invited to attend one or several thanksgiving events, have you thought about what to take with you?

Well a bottle of wine is quite the traditional gift, but you can go a little further and make a couple of jars of jams, pickled tomatoes, or any preserves in general. Temperatures are already dropping, and the fall is definitely here- so why not take advantage of your harvest and convert them into something that will be appreciated by everyone. If you despise garden work, or simply don’t have the time to make any type of preserves, you can always get them from a store and repackage them into another container.

Now once you have the jars filled up, you can add a special little touch by adding personalized Thanksgiving labels on them and that would make the perfect favor. Just stick to fall colors, and you won’t go wrong.

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