So we’ve all done this at one point or another. When we were young, we were practically ecstatic to be making out own paper, more than likely because we thought that if we could make our own paper we would always have an endless supply of drawing paper. If you were like me, I was somewhat disappointed of the end result. Instead of getting a smooth white piece of paper that I had hoped to get, I got this grayish, uneven, lumpy piece of cardboard… quite disappointing.

Of course, now that I look back, there are so many things that could be done with this lumpy paper! The lumps itself actually contribute to an artistic feel of rusticity. The end product of making your own paper at home could be combined with the newspaper gift wrapping to create truly eco-friendly, upcycling results.

So if you’ve never made your own paper, here’s how:

1. Get some used paper, or newspaper and soak them in a bucket of water, at least overnight. The process is easier if the paper is shredded.

2. Get a blender, or a submersion blender and start making a pulp out of the wet paper. You’re going to have to work in batches. In each batch, make sure you combine paper and water to make the blending process easier.

3. Strain the pulpy mixture, and set it up to dry on a flat surface. What works best is window screen attached to a frame. You want air to get underneath the pulp and dry it; if not it will take absolutely forever.

4. Once it dries, you would’ve made your own paper! You can use it for absolutely anything, even making personalized labels for your Christmas gifts!

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