Christmas is here! It’s time get the holiday shopping on the way- of course, you could wait till the last minute to get your gifts; but do you really want to go through the stress of not finding what you want and battling the crowds at the same time? Maybe this year you’ll actually get all your Christmas shopping done on time!

Regardless of what you get this Christmas, you might want to go a little green with the gift wrapping. Sure, one of the fun parts of Boxing Day is ripping all the paper to shreds- but really, imagine all the waste that that creates.

So, this year you might want to try something a little different! Maybe wrap all your gifts in newspaper! Sure, it sounds a little unappealing, but get those colorful funny papers for the kids, and use the Style section for your daughter or wife, and the Sport section for your husband or father. Use a different section of the newspaper for a different person, and it’ll seem like perfect personalized gift wrapping. Another upside is that the kids can be entertained with the funny papers as they sit under the tree and stare at the wrapped box for hours, wondering what’s inside, and wondering whether or not you guys are going to notice if they take a peek inside.

Well take a look at this newspaper wrapped gifts; they really don’t look bad at all!

Also check out Making Paper at home for some wonderful personalized labels.

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