So let’s get serious,

when are you ever going to use a 100 or more champagne (or sparkling wine) glasses, a 100 complete set of flatware, 100 chairs, 100 chair covers, or 10 matching table cloths?

Probably not until your 50th anniversary.

So aside from the money spent on purchasing all these items, another matter at hand is the storage that is required for all these things- do you really have the space for them?

So instead of incurring in all these costs, you can find the easy way and just rent them- there’s no shame in that!

Nowadays, practically everything is up for rent, but here’s a list of things that you might want to rent. Of course, if your venue provides them, skip over to the next thing on the list.

Check List


Linens (tablecloths)

Napkins that match the tablecloths


Chair covers

Plates, bowls, and serving dishes if you don’t intend to hire caterers


Crystal (wine glasses, juice glasses, champagne (sparkling wine) glasses, cocktail glasses.

Rent cocktail glasses according to the drinks you intend to serve; there’s no need for martini glasses if you’re not going to serve anything that requires them.

Outdoor heaters, if necessary

Centerpieces (yes, there are places that rent centerpieces)

Additional seating- if you’re planning on an outdoors wedding, you might want to invest in additional and comfortable seating and create a “lounge area”

Tents, if necessary

An Arch

Bear in mind that most rental places have package deals, so see what each one offers before you go from place to place renting individual things.


A. Wedding Favors

B. Rentals

C. Lighting

D. Seating Arrangements

E. Fun for Everyone

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