Wedding Check-List to Pacify Bridezillas… and Groomzillas?

First things first… Congratulations on your engagement! You must be absolutely ecstatic about your wedding, and eager to embark in a new journey with your spouse-to-be.

The wedding will mark the beginning of your new lives; and boy, is there a lot of pressure in planning the perfect wedding. But don’t worry too much, I’ve got a simple check-list for all you neurotic Brides and Mother of the Brides so less time is spent worrying and more time is spent enjoying both the planning process, as well as the celebration itself. I should also mention the Grooms; you, do not escape the neuroticism that is commonly attributed to the women of the family.

Chapter 1: Getting Started! Venue, Date & Color Schemes

A. Prepare your Calendar for Sticky Note Bombarding

B. Choosing the Big Day

C. Color That Prevent Catastrophes

Chapter 2: Making It More Public Than You Already Have

A. Guest List

B. Save the Dates

Save the Date Wedding Magnets

Mailing Labels

Postcard Printing – why not? Rather unconventional and commercial, but the prices are fantastic if you compare them to cards.

Pattern Inspiration for your own designs

Chapter 3: The Basics

A.nd let there be music… and lots of photos

B.eautiful Food for everyone

C.ake or Dessert Table- quite a dilemma

Cupcake Wrappers

D.ress (“THE” Dress) – Very exiting

E.nchanting Flowers to set the mood

F.ormal Invitations for all your guests

Bookmark Printing

Greeting Card Printing

Chapter 4: Important Details

A. Wedding Favors

Label Printing – Creating Weaved Favor boxes

Return Address Labels – Using Vintage Stickers

B. Rentals

C. Lighting

D. Seating Arrangements

Folded Business Cards for seating charts and place cards (and even thank you cards)

E. Fun for Everyone

Chapter 5: Enjoying the Big Day

A. How to enjoy yourselves

Chapter 6: How to never forget your wedding

A. Post-Wedding Arrangements

Booklet Printing

Canvas Prints

1. Getting Started! Venue, Date & Color Schmes

A. Prepare Your Calendar for Sticky Note Bombarding

Yei! I’m so excited that you’re getting married. So which day looks good for it?

Would you like a spring wedding, a summer wedding, a fall wedding, or a winter wedding? Yes, people get married during the winter too; each season has its own little enchantment. Bear in mind that summer is wedding season, and booking places will not only be more difficult but also more expensive; but if you’re planning for more than 10 months ahead, this shouldn’t be a problem. Also remember that Saturdays are much more expensive than any other day, so factor this in when you decide upon the date.

Do, however, set up a 2 week margin when you’re deciding upon the date. Hopefully, it will work out and all other booking will be free on the date of your choice, but you might need to modify it- so keep an open mind for a week before the date you have in mind, as well as a week after. This, of course, is to prevent unnecessary irritation of how things don’t appear to be working out for you and your wedding.

Pros and Cons of a Late-Spring Wedding

Pro: Flowers start blooming, which means that you might have a wide selection of flowers at in-season prices.

Cons: Weather might be more unpredictable than usual, so you might want to choose a place that is indoors.

Chapter 1: Wedding Check List (1 of 27) - Part of a Series

Pros and Cons of a Summer Wedding

Pro: The best season for a wedding because they can be outdoors.

Cons: All the things for your wedding might be more expensive because they’re “in-season”, but additional inconveniences might include heat-waves, and guests being eaten alive by mosquitoes at the reception.

Pros and Cons of a Fall Wedding

Pro: Astounding foliage, outdoor wedding is a must.

Cons: Might have crisp weather, make sure to rent outdoor heaters; higher probability for rain.

Chapter 1: Wedding Check List (1 of 27) - Part of a Series

Pros and Cons of a Winter Wedding

Pro: Almost nobody has a winter wedding, it’ll be much easier for bookings.

Con: No flowers; you’ll have to special order them- of course, you can always use winter greenery that’ll allow you to create a fascinating bouquet and centerpieces.

B. Choosing the Big Day

Although the Date is something you want to establish at first, this is also dependent on the venue you choose. They might just not have availability, so keep an open mind!

Okay, so you have potential dates for your wedding, now look into the places. Will you need to reserve a church (or similar) and a venue for your reception? The religious ceremony should be much easier to choose, because it tends to be someplace special for either the groom or bride. The reception, however, offers much more decision making

Venue for the Reception

If you hold the reception at home, this will simply things substantially; but if you’re looking for other locations here are a few things to consider.

There are locations that are specialized in weddings, so they will undoubtedly have a “wedding package” that they might offer you. Look through this list carefully, they might be charging you for things that are just outright irrelevant.  If you see something in the list that is not something you want, try to negotiate… now, now, don’t get defensive or aggressive about it- try to find potential solutions instead. Maybe have them throw in free flowers arrangements or lessen the fee on them.

The idea behind this is for you to shop around a little, and get a tangible feel on what the prices are. You never know, you might meet with another venue and throw in a “I was just at such and such, and they offered me the same thing for a lot less…” and give you a better deal.

Each time you visit a new venue, get their available dates within the time frame you established earlier- you never know, the first one might be the one you decide on. And don’t forget the phone number of the person who will make the reservation for you.

Once you decide upon the venue for the reception, go to the church and check their availability. If the days match up, call the reception venue person and make the reservation; and then do the same for the church.

Just as good practice, call them up in a few days and reconfirm your reservation and make sure that it’s registered.

C. Colors That Prevent Catastrophes

With the date and locations solidified, now you can choose the colors that’ll match up best!

Here are a few color palletes from Colour Lovers, they’ve got tons more if these don’t strike your fancy.

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